Guca Trumpet Festival – The Madness In The Serbian Way

Guca Trumpet Festival 2021

The Guca Trumpet Festival is the largest trumpet and brass band event in the world. Every year, visitors from around the world gather in the west-Serbian town of Guca. This year's festival takes place from 13-15 AUGUST 2021.

I would like to remind you that another festival is taking place not far from Guca, somehow at the same period in Nis town – Nisville Jazz Festival.

Although I have never been there, this trumpet festival is a unique musical event in Serbia. The fact, that over 700.000 visitors take part in this traditional festival each year, is the reason you should be one of them in 2021.

The village of Guča (pronounced Gucha) in the Dragačevo district is a peaceful, scenic, and colorful part of western Serbia. It has gained world fame owing to its Assembly of Trumpet Players, the largest trumpet and brass band event on the planet.

Thanks to the Guca festival, it has become known all over the world as the venue for the largest trumpet music festival around the planet, where other traditional values, such as traditional songs, games, and costumes from the Dragacevo region and Western Serbia.

In case you want to know more info about this 60-year-old festival, visit Wikipedia Guca Trumpet Festival.

Where Guca Trumpet Festival Takes Place?

West-Serbian town Guca

Guca town is about 180 km from Belgrade, reachable in less than three hours drive from Belgrade. If you decide to take part in the 2021 trumpet festival edition, the festival host –, arranges transport to and from Belgrade, for 40 Euro.

the departure from Belgrade is on Friday 13.avg 2021, in front of the Saint Marko`s Church (Crkva Svetog Marka) at 15:00h. The drive lasts around 3 hours and you arrive in Guca at about approximately 18:30h.

Your Guca hosts will welcome you and take you to the accommodation. After the accommodation, you can relax and enjoy the festival of trumpeters.

Where to stay?

Before you decide what kind of accommodation to opt for, be sure you will be greeted with the traditional hospitality of the Serbian local people, as the gest in Serbia, always has been treated with respect and courtesy.

Thanks to festival organizers you can book your stay in Guca in private homes with breakfast for three nights,
in 2 and 3 bedrooms in private homes in the center of Guca. Price starts from 105 € per person.

You can book your accommodation on their website. On their website is possible to see all accommodation samples before you make your decision.

If you like hostel accommodation, they offer hostels at verifying hosts with the best breakfast in Guca, 7 minutes walking distance from the center at 25 Euro per night.

Who said brass bands were boring? At Serbia's Guca festival the trumpet players are superstars and the dancing goes on all night.

Guča represents in a best way what Serbia is today – its openness, belief in oneself, hospitality, party and music. The trumpet festival is a confirmation of our courage and joy, both in good and bad times. It represents our people's return to our roots, joy and meaning of life. It speaks about who we are, what we are, and of our urges. We express our joy and sadness with the trumpet, we are born with sounds of the trumpets, and we are buried with sounds of the trumpets. Guča is a Serbian brand, it's a value which represents Serbia in the world. Those who don’t understand Guča can’t understand Serbia. If became a Member State of the EU without our melodies and colours, that wouldn't be the real Serbia.

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