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Welcome to Beo-city.com. Here is all about me and the Beo City website (Beograd White City). I am Pero Milos, the founder of this website.

The inspiration to create this website was born many years ago, during my time living in Belgrade. My passion for the city began long before I made it my home in 1976. 

I was captivated by its culture, history, and people, and I knew it was the place for me. After spending over 17 years living in Belgrade, I realized that I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with others who share my love for this fantastic city. 

That's why I created this website – to provide a platform for people to learn about and explore Belgrade and to inspire others to fall in love with it, just as I did.

The Story about me

About me Milos Pero
Me thirty years later

In 1976, I decided to marry and move to the stunning district of Zemun in Belgrade. When I arrived, I knew I had found my new home. Zemun town captured my heart with its undeniable charm and beauty.

Discover Zemun, the unique and charming part of Belgrade that will take your breath away. Unlike other parts of the city, Zemun's beauty lies in its location on the right bank of the Danube River. 

As a native of Split, Croatia, I missed the sea, but Zemun's proximity to the mighty Danube offered a replacement that filled that void. 

Don't be surprised if I mention Zemun instead of Belgrade, as its charm and uniqueness are unparalleled. Come and see what makes Zemun so unique, and experience the beauty of the Danube River that flows right through it.

Fortunately, I was offered a job at a well-known travel agency, and I have since made a career in the travel industry. While living in Belgrade, I spent much time exploring the city. 

I enjoyed the fact that there was always something new to discover. Years later, I still have a fondness for this city and continue to nurture my love for it.

The second part of the story about me

I would have preferred not to mention the other side of the coin in my life. Perhaps this wouldn't have happened if I lived in another country. But when you live in the Balkans, unpredictable events always occur.

I was born in the former Yugoslavia, a beautiful country that unfortunately fell victim to political chaos and destructive chauvinism.  Read this summary about Ex Yugoslavia.

Despite my love for it, in 1992 I had to make a difficult decision: to leave my homeland and start anew.

It was a necessary step, for I could not bear to witness the destruction of a once-great nation any longer. I closed one chapter of my life and opened another, hoping for a brighter future.

Moving to Italy with my whole family was one of the most intelligent decisions ever. It was the only viable option, as leaving the boiling Balkan pot was necessary to restore peace and calm in our lives. 

I knew that things would never be the same again, but I also knew that the opportunities and benefits awaited us in Italy would more than make up for the change.  Writing about me was never so easy.

Beo City Travel Website

While writing the story about me, I can't help but mention the website about Belgrade, also known as the White City.

I do not intend to brag, but I wanted to inform you that I have created websites about Croatia and Split City, my hometown. I developed these websites during my time in Italy. Additionally, I have been maintaining another website that talks about four islands in Split County.

My family and friends frequently inquire about my experience with running an online travel website. They are curious to know whether it is feasible to pursue it as a full-time occupation and the effort required to make it a success.

First, you need to have a passion and love for anything you do. For me, that passion is Belgrade – it has been a part of my life!

Through my travels, I have come to realize the challenges that come with visiting a new place.  

That's why I'm dedicated to making your trip to Belgrade as effortless as possible. By utilizing the knowledge I've gained, I've worked hard to improve Beo-city.com, ensuring that you won't face the same barriers that I did. 

Trust me to help you plan your journey; you'll have an unforgettable experience in this beautiful city. I hope this page about me will help you.

Stay in Touch with me. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about me or this site.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting beo-city.com. If you enjoy what you see, join me on my Facebook page. Also, please share my site with friends who live or might be traveling to Belgrade soon!

With love,

Milos Pero

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