Kalemegdan Fortress

If you visit Rome, you can't help but see the Colosseum. If you come to Belgrade, the Kalemegdan fortress and park must be on your visit plan.

Every city has its symbol, which makes it memorable. Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan park are considered the most significant Belgrade highlights. Find out more about this top sight!

Things you should know about Kalemegdan fortress

  • The fortress is built on the hill above two big rivers' confluence (Sava and Danube).
  • The Fortress consists of the Upper and Lower Town and Kalemegdan Park.
  • Kalemegdan refers only to the plateau around the Fortress, which was turned into a park in the 1980s.
  • The name of the Kalemegdan fortress (the main military stronghold of Belgrade) comes from the Turkish words ‘kale' ( city), that is, fortress, and ‘megdan' (field).
  • Kalemegdan spreads on 66 hectares and is at the same time the most important cultural and historical complex in the capital.
  • The Romans built the first fortification in the 2nd century. It was built on the white ridge above the rivers.  That is what the name Beo Grad (White City) comes from. Lately, it was destroyed by the Goths, Huns, Avars, and Slavs.
  • The Fortress changed over time. Inside the Belgrade fortress, you can see examples of different building methods – Roman, Serbian, Hungarian, Turkish, and Austrian.

The list of monuments you should visit

  • Church Ruzica
  • Chapel of St. Petka
  • Roman Well
  • Military Museum
  • Barutana (Gunpowder Store)
  • Nebojsa Tower
  • Monument to the winner on Kalemegdan
  • Observatory
  • Tomb of People's Heroes
  • Monument of Gratitude to France
  • Karadjordjev Cannon
  • Monument to Serbian and Russian fighters, liberators of Belgrade
  • Art pavilion of Cvijeta Zuzoric
  • Natural History Museum
  • Zoo