Skadarlija street Old Belgrade

Skadarlija is an area of ​​the historical center of Belgrade. It makes a part of the municipality of Stari Grad (Old Town). It is considered the Serbian capital's bohemian district, compared to Montmartre in Paris for its appearance and warm atmosphere, and welcoming.

It consists of a cobbled street of about half a kilometer and some side alleys on both sides of the street.

Its bohemian character began to come up in 1901 when the renowned restaurant ‘Dardanelli' was demolished. The ‘Dardanelli' stood in a place where today is  Republic Square (Trg Republike), a few meters from Skadarlija. It used to be the destination of writers, actors, and intellectuals.

History of Skadarlija Street

Between the end of the 19th and the 20th century, this street known as Skadarska gathers many actors and artists.

Since this street was very close to the National Theater, many actors used to stop by their favorite café bar first.

Trying to lessen the nervousness before the show, they leave footprints on the slippery pavement with their insecure step, walking through the Skadarska street to their favorite coffee bar.

Most of the actors had the custom to jump to Skadarska street for a drink or two and a homemade meal after each show.

Some of the most famous bohemians like Djuro Jaksic and Dobrica Milutinovic established their permanent residence in this street.

Djuro Jaksic house in Skadarlija

Over the years, most intellectuals and artists, not only Serbs but also internationals, went to Skadarska to meet and discuss or spend hours of tranquility.

Skadarlija today

This image has survived to this day. Now there are no more 19th century actors, but their habits and bohemian way of life are passed down from generation to generation as good traditional behavior.

When you decide to visit Skadarlija street, you will find many famous restaurants with very familiar and romantic names.

Most famous are Tri šešira (Three hats), Ima dana (There are days), Zlatan Bokal (Golden carafe), Dva Jelena (Two Deer), Moj Sesir (My hat), or Mali Vrabac (little sparrow).

Moj Sesir (My Hat) restaurant

Here it is possible to taste typical dishes of Serbian cuisine, drink coffee, beer, and national spirits, but it is also possible to taste international cuisine.

In the evening, almost every club has live music: the most popular selection is related to traditional music.

Skadarlija street scenery

Tourists who want to stay in Skadarlija will find the hotel ‘Le Petit Piaf' built-in one of the old houses on the street.

Skadarlija is very close to most important Belgrade highlights!

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