Belgrade SERBIA white city

Belgrade Serbia (Beograd), which means the ‘White City’, is the capital of Republic of Serbia. Probably, it is not the most beautiful capital in the world but its exuberance and vivacity makes it one of Europe’s most happening cities.

This tourist friendly city offers visitors many must-see attractions, thousands of unique events, and the most exciting nightlife. Whether this is your first visit or a return trip, you will find so many things to see and do.

Welcome to, my guide to the best of everything there is to see and do here. Furthermore you’ll find useful tips to help you plan the most amazing vacation ever.

Kalemegdan fortress logo

Top Things to See & Do in Belgrade serbia


Top attractions in Beograd include 
Kalemegdan Fortress,
Skadarlija, and many more.

Belgrade parks logo

With over 65 parks in Belgrade, visitor will discover numerous green areas all over the city.

Nikola Tesla Museum

Visiting museums is one of the most popular activities. Here’s a list of top Belgrade museums.


See professional Football (Red Star and Partizan), Basketball, Water polo, Volleyball

Belgrade tours
Beograd tours

Explore Beograd on foot, by bike,
on a boat, or by bus.

Belgrade nightlife

How did Beograd become the world’s nightlife capital?

With Kids
Kids in Belgrade

Planning to visit with family? 
Discover my top kid ideas.

Holidays in Belgrade serbia

Holidays are a special time in Belgrade. Every year kicks off with a large New Year’s Eve fireworks. This may be the most entertaining period to be in Belgrade.

Don’t forget that Serbia is celebrating Orthodox Christmas Day (January 7th) and Serbian Orthodox New Year (January 14th). Find out why do Serbs celebrate Serbian New Year? 

If you plan to visit Beograd during a holiday, you will find plenty of things to see and do during that time of the year.

New Year
New year

Beograd has two New Years feasts. One at 31st of the year and Orthodox New Year that falls on January 14th.

Christmas - Божић
Christmas in Serbia

The Serbs celebrate Christmas (Serbian: Божић, Božić) that falls on January 7 , according traditional Julian Calendar

Easter - Vaskrs
Easter in Serbia

Easter or Vaskrs/Uskrs  religious holiday starts usually in April. People greet each other with a term ‘Christ is risen’.

Where to stay in Beograd?

Year in year out, Beograd is getting more and more hotels. I’m sure you’ll find an amazing place to stay. Where is the best place to stay in Belgrade as a tourist?

What is best options for Beograd accommodation and how much does it cost ? Here are a few pages to help you get started on researching hotels for your stay.

Best Place To Stay
Hotel Moskva

Are are you coming as a tourist? Book your hotel in Beograd Old town. Hotels around Republic Sqaure are easy to walk to all major tourist sights.

Hotels Near Airport
Hotel Crown Plaza

Are you coming in Belgrad for business reasons? If so, find comfortable and rather  hotel near Beograd Airport. Airport is only 20 km from the city center.

Accommodation Deals
Cheap hotels in Belgrade

Do you want to save on accommodation? Hotels in Beograd aren’t expensive but renting tourist apartments you save up to 40% less than hotel room.

Hostels in Belgrade
Hostels in Belgrade

For students, backpackers traveling on low budget, hostel accommodation is a great way to save. Check your hostel in advance to verify their ranking position.

Belgrade's Districts

Old Beograd
Old Belgrade district

Old Belgrade (Stari Beograd) is the biggest Belgrade district. It’s the nucleus of the whole city. On one side lies on right bank of Sava river and on the other side of the Danube river, just at the confluence of two rivers.  

New Beograd
New Belgrade district

New Belgrade (Novi Beograd) is interlaced by wide boulevards and huge tower blocks and shopping malls. It’s an important business and commercial district. It’s sited on the left bank of Sava River.

Zemun district

Zemun has a totally different feeling comparing with Beograd. It has more traditional town layout with rustic houses with less frenetic and more romantic atmosphere. Lies on the right bank of the Danube.

Beyond Belgrade

In addition to all of the great things to do and see in Belgrade, you will find so many great places around the city and an hour or two away. Some of the top options include wine tasting tour, Danube Iron Gate, Drvengrad ethno village, Medieval monasteries, Novi Sad and many more.

Find out more about these and other fun day trips to check out during your stay.

Novi Sad and S. Karlovci
Novi Sad tour

Visit Novi Sad, capital of northern Serbia, 80 km from Beograd. Learn about Sremski Karlovci museum, taste the local wines, and after visiting impressive Petrovaradin Fortress, take a walk through Novi Sad streets.

Danube River Iron Gate
Danube tours

The biggest European river is waiting for you, on one of whole day excursions. You can decide on boat cruise to enjoy the beauty of the Djerdap Gorge and Iron Gate. Learn about the oldest  settlement in Europe.

Serbia Medieval Monasteries
Serbia monasteries

Dedicate one day to visit one of many orthodox monasteries. Learn about enormous cultural and historical inheritance of Serbia. Visit Ravanica and Manasija monasteries to learn about the turbulent history of Serbia.

Beli Grad (White City)

I want to break all those false impression about Belgrade and Serbia, as Balkan ‘bad boys’ and to show you their natural beauties and hidden gems.

I want to give you an idea about Belgrade from my personal perspective as someone who lived there for over 17 years. Discover this friendly city and why locals are the main reason you’ll be back.