Belgrade climate

What is the Belgrade climate? If you plan to visit Belgrade, Serbia, it is essential to know the weather in Belgrade to choose the best period of the year.

Belgrade has a typical continental climate, with all four distinct seasons. The average temperature during the year is 12°C.

Belgrade climate by seasons

If you haven't decided what time of year to visit Belgrade, here are some elementary characteristics of the weather in Belgrade by four seasons.


As this season comes after winter, it brings extra joy for locals, and you can feel that in the air. The weather will be warm enough to get outside and do things, but not so warm or cold.

The tourist season in Belgrade begins just in spring. If you are still hesitating when to come to Belgrade, spring is the right time for it. Spring in Belgrade and warm weather wake up the people of Belgrade, bringing a bright smile to their faces.

Belgrade climate in spring

The tourist season starts right in the spring. Sometimes the sleepy nature seems to take a little time to wake up. The tourist crowds don't come until summer, meaning spring provides the perfect experience.

If it were possible to have a city entirely to yourself without being alone, that would be Belgrade during spring. The Belgrade climate is perfect during spring.

If you come to Belgrade in spring, you will be pleasantly surprised when many of the city's most enjoyable festivals occur. Two of them are particularly interesting, the film festival FEST and Belgrade's Irish Festival.


If you happen to be in Belgrade during the summer months, you might get surprised by how hot the city can get. So, prepare for that, and I'll help you by giving you the best tips on enjoying summer in Belgrade.

The hottest month is July. The highest temperatures measured are between 37 and 42 degrees Celsius. (about 99 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit).

Here are eight ideas that will help you survive the heat of Belgrade summer, as suggested by Magdalena Petrovic Jelic.


What to do in Belgrade in the summer? From sunbathing at Ada Ciganlija to experiencing Belgrade's famous nightlife, these are just some things to do in Belgrade in summer.

The Serbian capital, located where rivers Sava and Danube meet, is a perfect mixture of rich history and modern life waiting to be explored.

Ada Cinganlija, called the Belgrade sea, is the biggest and, according to many people who live here, the most beautiful place where you could spend the hot summer days.

What is the best way to enjoy the Belgrade climate in summer? I suggest seeing the sights of Belgrade from the water on a 1.5-hour cruise on the River Danube and River Sava.

I propose to explore Ada Lake with ease on this group e-scooter tour and take a break at Ada to go for a swim in the Sava River.

Don't miss the fantastic nightlife. It’s not just a legend. It is impressive, especially in the summer! Join the party experts at the city's heart for the legendary Pub Crawl in Belgrade!


Did you know that the arrival of autumn in Belgrade may be for you the best period of the year to be there?

There is the opinion that the fall accompanies a bad mood and the appearance of anxious and depressive behavior in people. The lack of sunny days is problematic for many, so it is not rare that during the colder months, we feel bad-tempered and lack inspiration for exciting activities and gatherings with friends.

There is no reason for it to be so if you visit Belgrade and Serbia in late September o in October, and early November.


What to do in Belgrade in the fall? Enjoy all the shades of autumn. Use the days when it rains to walk in parts of Belgrade lacking from the city crowd, where you can enjoy nature.

You won't go wrong if you spend the day in Kalemegdan park, which will surely delight you with its colors and hidden paths.

Kalemegdan park inautumn

Since spring and summer are the best time to spend outside, autumn is an ideal opportunity to go to the cinema or theater. Check what's on the repertoire, choose your companions, and visit cinema halls and theater stages.

Don't forget the museums either! The National Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Nikola Tesla Museum, and the Museum of Illusions. Don't miss Red Belgrade Communist Tour and learn about Josip Broz Tito. Use the autumn days to do it!


Winter is not so harsh, with an average of 21 days with temperatures below zero. January is the coldest, with an average temperature of 0.10 C.

If you decide to visit Belgrade in winter, take a minute to read this article titled ‘The charm of Belgrade in winter‘ to understand what Belgrade's climate is in this period. Bellow, I added an image from that website.

Belgrade climate in winter

Belgrade is probably not the first place that comes to your mind for a winter vacation. It is neither a snowy mountain place nor a sunny Mediterranean city. However, the weather in Belgrade in winter is not as bad as you think. Besides, there are plenty of things to do.

So if you are wondering what to do in Belgrade in winter, Iìve got great tips for you. You can shop, eat, walk, rest, visit museums, churches, and party.

If you visit Belgrade in December, this is the perfect place to shop locally for Christmas gifts. You can meet the artisans and perhaps purchase a Serbian souvenir to remember your winter trip to Belgrade. Visit this website to know more!