The best time to visit Belgrade

Here you'll find an answer to the common question ‘when is the best time to visit Belgrade' to decide calmly and safely when planning your trip.

When to visit Belgrade? The question is a usual dilemma for most visitors when planning to travel wherever they go.

We all have different expectations, wishes, and passions. It is challenging to suggest the ‘best period' without much thinking. It depends on what you plan to do and see in Belgrade or Serbia.

On the other hand, it also depends on how many days you have in mind to stay. I'm sure that no less critical factor will be what's the weather like in Belgrade?.

Not all periods of the year will be perfect for enjoying the ‘white city' appeal. Here you can get information about the weather in Belgrade!

Maybe some topic regarding how many days you intend to stay in Belgrade will be helpful:

  • Belgrade in one day.
  • Two or three days in Belgrade.
  • 5 to 7 days in Belgrade.

What's the best time to visit Belgrade?

Serbia does not have a sea like Spain, Italy, Greece, or nearby Croatia. For this reason, regular travel seasons have no significant influence, if not due to weather conditions.

It is important to note that accommodation prices will not vary significantly in all seasons. Lodging prices do not differ much in the summer months (July and August), as in countries with the sea.

Anyhow, it would be wrong not to consider the excellent travel season. Serbia has three main tourist seasons: low, mid, and high. You can't go wrong with either season you decide on.

When to visit Belgrade?

If I were you, I would decide to visit both Belgrade and Serbia in the shoulder season (April through mid-June and September through October).

The best time to visit Belgrade in spring

This period is perfect for a city break. It's not cold but quite warm, but not hot, dry, and very pleasant. The average temperature is 18 – 22 C. This season is ideal for activities, whether you want to hike, ride a bike, or travel around the city.

Are July and August the best time to visit Belgrade?

Belgrade has two big rivers (Sava and Danube) and its sea. It's Ada Ciganlija lake, the most famous lake located just a few minutes from the Belgrade downtown area. 

This lake represents the most visited location during spring and summer.

Belgrade sea

I wouldn't ignore July and August. These two months can be sweltering, but a city on two rivers offers enough beaches to cool off.

The town may seem, at first sight, empty, but not for long. Night clubs along the river will be a paradise, full of life in Belgrade nightlife.

Fall in Belgrade

Many believe that the autumn and winter months are not the best time to visit Belgrade. I can't entirely agree with that opinion.

Belgrade in October can be rather lovely, except that sometimes it can be rainy. I would say the same for November, but rainy days will be more common.

Regardless, these autumn months make Belgrade more romantic. It's especially true if you visit some of the Belgrade municipalities.

The fall the best time to visit Belgrade

Although officially registered as a municipality of Belgrade, Zemun, thanks to its history, architecture, and character, has remained a world unto itself.

To come to Belgrade and not visit the  Zemun would be a real shame. Therefore, after visiting Kalemegdan fortress and Skadarlija street, Zemun, with its famous quay, will be the most romantic and picturesque part of Belgrade.

Fall in Zemun

Is winter the best time to visit Belgrade?

If you plan to come to Belgrade in December, January, and February, I must be honest. If  I consider shoulder season the best time to visit Belgrade, I wouldn't recommend these three winter months.

But only if you are not a fan of snow and skiing. It's the coldest period with a lot of snow. Instead of staying in Belgrade, skiing centers on Kopaonik (290 km from Belgrade) and Tara (180 km) mountains will be the right place.

If you want to visit Serbia and Belgrade in winter, plan the New Year and  Serbian New Year period. There are a lot of happenings on the streets, and nightclubs will warm you up.


No matter what period you choose to visit Belgrade, this open-hearted city will sincerely welcome you, and once you leave, you'll hardly wait to come back again.