11 Most Beautiful Viewpoints In Serbia

Viewpoints of Serbia

What are the most famous and most beautiful viewpoints in Serbia? Serbia has a diverse range of landscapes offering beautiful viewpoints for visitors.

No matter where you start exploring this country, Serbia can be described with only two words, that would be simple: unimaginable nature. See these 20 pictures to inspire you to visit Serbia and Belgrade.

Here are some of the most famous and beautiful viewpoints in Serbia:

  1. Kalemegdan Fortress
  2. Zlatibor Mountain
  3. Golubac Fortress
  4. Uvac Canyon
  5. Đavolja Varoš (Devil's Town)
  6. Tara National Park
  7. Mt. Rtanj
  8. Vrsac Hill
  9. Sokobanja
  10. Fruska Gora
  11. Petrovaradin Fortress


Viewpoints from Kalemegdan Fortress

Located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, Belgrade Kalemegdan Fortress offers stunning views of the city's skyline and the rivers below. Visitors can explore the historic fortifications, wander the grounds, and take amazing views from various lookout points.

Kalemegdan Fortress and its immense park will surely be the first place most first-time visitors visit. Due to the vast historical facts, the best way is to take a 2.5-hour walking tour, led by an expert local guide.


Zlatibor Mountain

Zlatibor is one of the most famous Serbian mountain chains and tourist centers, situated 230 km away from Belgrade in Western Serbia.

The pine forests that gave Zlatibor its name, the meadows, pastures, and mountain streams make Zlatibor’s natural ambiance exceptional and a favorite destination among skiers and mountain lovers.

 Nature enthusiasts will enjoy walking, cycling paths, horse riding, and paragliding. These mountain chains offer the most astonishing viewpoints in Serbia.

If you are ready to experience all the beauties and benefits a mountain can provide without going on a ski trip, visiting Zlatibor is a tour for you. 


Golubac Fortress

Golubac town is located in the east of Serbia, on the border with Romania. The main road, known as the Danube Motorway, leads there.

This medieval fortress on the banks of the Danube River offers picturesque viewpoints of the river and the surrounding hills.

The distance from Belgrade to Golubac Fortress is about 130 kilometers (about 80 miles) by land, and about 200 kilometers (125 miles) if you plan to get to the Golubac by the river, which is my sincere recommendation.

If you look for a trustworthy agency like this one, you’ll enjoy a pleasant ride from Belgrade, on comfortable buses with an expert tour guide.


I must be honest and say that until now I have not had the opportunity to visit the Uvac river and its canyon. For this reason, I will use Sofiaadventure's blog, where this wonderful place in Serbia is best described.

The meander in the Uvac River, located in the Uvac Special Nature Reserve, is my nominee for the prettiest (and most Instagrammable) place in Serbia, but this great aerial shot does not require a drone. There are twelve lookout points above the gorge, so you can get great photography here without spending thousands of dollars on specialized equipment. 

If you have an occasion, don't miss a full-day tour of the Uvac river and its canyon from Belgrade, without transport worries with an English-Speaking Tour Guide.

ĐAVOLJA VAROS (Devil's Town)

Đavolja Varoš (Devil's Town)

In Southern Serbia, in the middle of Radan Mountain, nature has “carved” exactly 202 figures in the soil, bedecked with rock caps. Standing up to fifteen meters high and three meters wide, they inspire awe from the moment you set eyes on them.

Radan is a mountain in southern Serbia, near the town of Kuršumlija. Its highest peak, Šopot, has an elevation of 1,408 meters above sea level.

Escape Belgrade for a day and discover south Serbia’s historical and geological wonders on this private tour. Along the way, visit Nis Fortress, see the Skull Tower, explore Nis’ Red Cross Nazi Concentration Camp, and check out Devil’s Town’s strange pinnacles.


Tara viewpoints of Serbia
Tara Mountain

Tara National Park boasts the most beautiful mountain viewpoints in Serbia. It is a popular tourist destination located in western Serbia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mountain is known for its rugged natural beauty, dense forests, and stunning viewpoints.

One of the most popular viewpoints on Tara Mountain is called Banjska Stena, located on the eastern edge of the mountain. Banjska Stena is a cliff that overlooks the Drina River Canyon, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, forests, and rivers.

  • Tara viewpoints of Serbia
  • Banjska Stena Tara viewpoint
  • Tara National Park
  • Tara winter view
  • Tara tour map
  • Tara mountain viewpoints
  • Tara viewpoint from Banjska Stena

Visitors to Banjska Stena can reach the viewpoint by hiking a short trail from the nearby road. Once at the top, they can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Drina River Canyon, which is known for its cliffs, crystal-clear water, and lush vegetation. Check Banjska Stena on the map!

Visit Tara National Park and the Drina River Valley on tour from Belgrade and your guide will take you to highlights such as the House on the Rock and Banjska Rock.


Mt Rtanj viewpoints
Mont Rtanj

Mont Rtanj is a mountain situated in eastern Serbia. It is two hundred kilometers away from Belgrade. How to get there?

If you are traveling from Belgrade or Niš, the easiest way to get to Sokobanja is to follow the E75 motorway Belgrade-Nis. From Sokobanja you should take the regional road to Aleksinac, and then turn right towards Trgovište village.

Things to do: Mystical, all-green mountain, a great place to walk, climb, collect herbs, find high-quality domestic products (tea, honey, milk products, rakija, fruit products…), and meet interesting locals. Mont Rtanj map!

Rtanj Mountain is a unique mountain with a three-side pyramid on its highest peak Šiljak (1565 meters).

  • Pyramid Rtanj mountain
  • Rtanj mountain viewpoints


This hill in northeastern Serbia offers panoramic views of the surrounding plains and vineyards. Open this Google map to locate the Vrsac Hill position!

Vršac town has been one of the leading tourist destinations in Vojvodina, thanks to numerous cultural and historically important monuments, sights, and natural beauties.

On the top of Vrsac Hill lies the beautiful tower of Vrsac. From the tower is a breathtaking view of the city below. The fortress and the exhibition within the fortress itself are open for visitation.

  • Vrsac hill tower
  • Vrsac mountain park
  • Vrsac hill
  • Viewpoints from Vrsac Hill
  • Vrsac Hill

Only 14 kilometers from the border with Romania, below the Vrsac Mountains, is Vrsac. Vrsac is 84 kilometers from Belgrade.


Sokobanja (Hawk city) is a famous spa set between two mountains. It is a true oasis of fresh air with numerous springs of mineral water and some of the best viewpoints in Serbia.

Sokobanja is located in Southeastern Serbia and it is one of the most popular spas in Serbia. Belgrade is 240km from the spa, and there are also many buses towards it from the Belgrade bus station.

YOU COME OLD, YOU LEAVE YOUNG! The ancient legend of the healing power of water in Sokobanja speaks of the lord of Soko grad (eng. Hawk city) who, after having fallen off the horse and having hurt himself, was lying and waiting to die when he suddenly heard a sound of water and saw a hawk putting his broken wing into the spring.

If you are searching for a place for an active but, nevertheless, relaxing holiday, the Sokobanja mountains Ozren and Rtanja are the perfect place for you. Hiking and mountaineering will give you the possibility to enjoy, some of the best viewpoints in Serbia.

Viewpoints in Serbia Ozren mountain
Mont Ozren Viewpoints In Serbia


If you are looking for viewpoints in Serbia, that are close to Belgrade, then Fruska Gora ( mountain or hill), must be on your visit bucket list.

Fruska Gora is the oldest Serbian National park. It is situated 40 miles away from Belgrade, and 5 from Novi Sad.

There is an old road between these two cities that passes through Sremski Karlovci and leads to the east side of the mountain. Also, there is another one which starts in Novi Sad, passes through Sremska Kamenica, and leads to Irig, a large village on the mountain’s west side.

Viewpoints in Serbai Fruska Gora
Fruska Gora

In the endless greenery of these forests, there are 16 monasteries which are lasted for centuries, built around the 16th and 18th centuries.

The best way to enjoy these viewpoints in Serbia, visiting some of these monasteries, I suggest taking a half-day tour from Belgrade.

Fruska Gora monasteries
Monasteries of Fruska Gora


Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad was a significant military fort of the Austrian rulers.  Today it is the city’s art center, home to Exit festival, and a place whose mysterious underground keeps intriguing explorers from around the world

The Fortress is located in Novi Sad, and the city is easily reachable by all the most significant roads leading from all four parts of Europe that meet here. These are E-75 from North and Central Europe, and E-70 from West Europe, both leading towards the South and the Southeast of Europe.

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