Belgrade parks

If you are looking for something missing in Belgrade, Belgrade Parks is not one of these. Belgrade is one of the few cities that can boast many parks.

With numerous parks, dozens of forest areas, and quaysides along two rivers, Belgrade offers many spots to run away from traffic jams and summer heat. Belgrade is a very green city.

Parks are important places in each city. Public parks are often the “engine” that drives tourism in many cities. Rarely do people leave their homes and travel some distance because they want to stay in a particular hotel or dine in a specific restaurant in a different setting.

If you are one of these tourists, Belgrade parks will be a great chance to learn more about Belgrade's and Serbia's history.

The parks in Belgrade are undoubtedly the best places for recreation, walking, playing with your pet or children, and hanging out with friends in the fresh air.

A city like Belgrade can boast beautiful places rich in greenery and peace. In a fast and chaotic city, taking a walk in the park is an authentic way to rest and relax. 

9 Top Belgrade Parks

Belgrade parks

Parks make Belgrade a unique city. Not every European metropolis can boast of many landscaped green areas. The capital of Serbia is proud to have dozens of such locations. According to some sources, there are more than 60 parks in Belgrade.

I've selected eight parks primarily because of their position and the content they offer. You can find more helpful information on the TripAdvisor page about the ten best gardens in Belgrade.

My eight top parks in Belgrade are:


Kalemegdan park inautumn

For many, Kalemegdan is a park without competition. In most cases, many visitors will visit only this park. Every city has its symbol, which makes it memorable. Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan park are considered the most significant Belgrade highlights.

 Kalemegdan park is one of the most beautiful green havens in Belgrade. If you visit Belgrade for the first time, this park will be a ‘must-visit' place. Don't miss this walking tour to walk around Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress.


Tasmajdan Park lies between Takovska, Ilija Garašanina, Beogradska, and King Alexander Boulevards. There are many sights on Tašmajdan, such as the Church of St. Mark, the Russian Church, the monument to Desanka Maksimović, and the first open Seismological Station. Find it on Google Maps!

Among Belgrade parks, this is one of the best parks in Belgrade with great nature, which gives you the feel you are far away from town streets.

Belgrade parks - Tasmajdan

There are also several children's amusement parks in Tasmajdan Park, where the youngest can enjoy a playground adapted to their age. Tasmajdan is a great place to enjoy hanging out with loved ones and walking in the fresh air in the city center. 

Make the most of your limited time in Belgrade on a private sightseeing tour. In addition to passing essential landmarks, including the National Assembly and White Palace, you'll enjoy visits to St. Sava Temple, St. Micahel's Cathedral, and more.


Another of the larger parks in Belgrade is Kosutnjak, a forest park, and a popular Belgrade picnic area. There are two specially arranged complexes in Kosutnjak:

  • Pioneer City with a sports and recreational center.
  • Film City with a complex of studios and other facilities for making films.

This park-forest and urban neighborhood of Belgrade belongs to two municipalities, Cukarica (upper and central parts) and Rakovica (lower leg). Find this park on Google maps!

With 40 ha (99 acres), this park hosts numerous sports fields, stadiums, and pools. Kosutnja boasts many popular restaurants and arranged paths crisscrossing the forest. There are also jogging tracks, and a ski run. It's also called a bike park.

Belgrade parks - Kosutnjak


Topcider Park cannot be left out when talking about Belgrade parks and the largest parks in Belgrade. Many consider this park the most beautiful garden in Belgrade.

This place is ideal for vacations, picnics, and a trip with family and friends. In addition to natural beauty, the park also offers many cultural and historical monuments. Don't miss the opportunity to see:

  • Residence of Prince Milos.
  • Topcider Church.
  • Obelisk in honor of Prince Milos.
Belgrade parks - Topcider park

 Prince Miloš Obrenović was responsible for its construction and imagined the structure of the castle or the current Konak of Prince Miloš on the site of today's park. 

The prince imagined a court surrounded by greenery, fountains, trees, and colorful flowers. Since 2015, Topcider Park has been declared a natural monument of the city of Belgrade. Find this park on the Belgrade parks map!


Another one of the largest Belgrade parks is Friendship Park. The park lies in Novi Beograd, at Usce, the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

Friendship Park covers an area of 14 hectares. It can be reached by local bus lines 15 and 84. The park includes a large number of green spaces and trees, and it leads to the river Sava and the river Danube.

It is suitable for walking and jogging in nature. The park also has a bike path and a running trail. It's one of the most popular cyclings areas.

Belgrade friendship park

The formation of this memorial park with one hundred and eighty Platanus trees, each planted by statesmen, delegation officials, and “aristocratic” guests of Belgrade, represents a historical event and stands for the idea of individuals coming together in the name of peace and friendship.


Among Belgrade parks, this one is the smallest park. Manjez Park is one of the oldest parks in Belgrade. It lies on the corner of Resavska and Nemanjina streets near the Slavija roundabout, surrounded by the Yugoslav Drama Theater and the Museum of the City of Belgrade.

Park Manjez

The park is called “Manege,” which in French means equestrian school. Before the park's construction, the Royal Cavalry Guard was there until 1933.

At the northeast of the park is the small square of Cvetni Trg )flower Square, to the east is the new Hilton Hotel, to the southeast are the kafana Manjež and the building of the National Bank of Serbia and the Slavija Square behind it.


You undoubtedly know about the famous Hyde Park in London. Belgrade has the same name park, a magical place in Belgrade because of its green oasis and arrangement, where you can relax, walk and enjoy the fresh air anytime.

Hyde Park lies in Savski Venac municipality and, as many claims, in the most beautiful part of Belgrade. Find it on Google maps!

The nearest famous landmark is the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia. Visit the Yugoslav History Museum on this popular four hours tour.

Belgrade parks - Hajd Park


As soon as you step from the wide boulevards of New Belgrade into the narrow streets of Zemun and head towards the center of the town, you will come across the famous Zemun Park.

At nearly eight hectares proudly boasts one of the top high schools in the country, a primary school, college, military barracks, and two churches. It's a great place to relax and find a peaceful place far from the city's rush. 

Belgrade parks - Zemun city park


Zvezdara forest park is an attractive place in the city's center, used for rest, sport, and recreation. It is a natural haven on warm spring and summer days.

All generations visit this park with 145 hectares, of which 21 hectares are arranged as a park, interlaced by walking paths and open-air benches, a nearby refreshment service cafe, and a local cuisine restaurant.

Sumice Zvezdara park

Among Belgrade Parks, the Zvezdara forest park is the only park with 136 plant species in the forest. In 2009 the average tree age was almost 50 years.