Saint Sava Temple

Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade is the most important and most imposing sacral building of great historical significance. It's the largest Orthodox church built in the Balkans, but it is also the largest Orthodox church in Serbia.

It is located in Belgrade's Vracar municipality, one of the most prestigious areas of the city. It's supposed that raises at the same place where Sinan Pasha burned the relics of Saint Sava transferred from the Milesevo monastery in 1595.

However, Belgrade is not Rome with its Saint Peter Basilica, but the temple of St. Sava visible from all approaches to the city of Belgrade is the must-be-seen attraction. To know more about this temple, take a look at the Wikipedia article!

Saint Sava Temple Map

The Church of Saint Sava is located in Krušedolska Street 2A. As it is an important cultural landmark, bus stops are located right next to it.

Temple of Saint Sava map

Saint Sava Temple Buiding

Just as Rome was not built in one day, the building of Sava Temple lasted for a long period and stil today has not been completed.

The first foundations were laid in 1935, but constant wars slowed down the construction process. It was built piece by piece. It was not until 1985 that the walls were raised to their present height.

The 4.000-ton dome was erected in 1989 and this process took a long 40 days. The exterior of the Temple is lined with marble and granite.

By the end of 2004, the fasade was completed, and windows and bells were installed. The interior of the Temple is being arranged more slowly than expected due to a lack of funds.

Temple of Saint Sava interior

Especially the interior of the church will leave a special impression on visitors. Decoration and artistic work on buildings of these dimensions, is one of the longest and most complicated works.

The interior of the Temple consists of walls of red and green stone without major decorations. However, special attention is paid to the mosaic and decorative relief in white marble and gilding.

The temple of Saint Sava will be the first temple completely decorated with mosaics. It is predicted that more than 12,000 square meters will be covered with this extraordinary technique.

How complex the process is best shown by the fact that the mosaics are made by as many as 280 Russian artists in Moscow, and that more than 40 artists place them here.

Saint Sava Template lighting Christmas Eve

Saint Sava Temple in Christmas

This city landmark is particularly impressive during the Christmas Eve. Traditional Christmas Eve lighting is organized every Christmas Day.

Christmas tree lighting traditionally starts at 16:00, and worship is organized in the Crypt of the temple. In front of the Saint Sava Temple, a traditional fireworks display is being organized for the Orthodox New Year's Eve according to the Julian calendar.

On all major and important religious holidays, almost half of Belgrade comes to listen to the holy liturgy in the church of St. Sava.

This is the most beautiful and the most interesting for tourists, especially those who are of different religious affiliations because they get an insight into the traditional celebration of the Orthodox faith.

As part of the “Belgrade Winter” event, a Christmas village is being held on the plateau in front of the Saint Sava Temple in the period from January 4 to January 28-

Working hours of Saint Sava

The temple is open every day from 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM. There is no entrance fee and all visitors of good will can visit this important Serbian sanctuary.

For visitors interested in organized guided tours, there are few tours in combination with visits to all important city landmarks as well some nearby neighborhoods: