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Discover 7 things you should know about Belgrade Serbia before you go there. Find out if Serbia is safe for traveling?

Many tourists, particularly those from the USA, have limited and very wrong knowledge about Belgrade Serbia.

Serbia and Belgrade were considered the Balkan “bad boys” (gained during the '90s), tennis player Novak Djokovic, and the fact that it has close ties with Russia.

Many people forget that NATO bombed Belgrade and Serbia in 1999. It was a heavy bombing of Belgrade and Serbia for more than three months.

It is why Serbians today want no part in NATO membership, preferring a closer association with Russia instead.

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What makes Belgrade Serbia worth visiting?

If you have never been to the Balkans and want to start exploring the region, Serbia, especially Belgrade, is a good start. Here are my seven reasons to visit Belgrade and Serbia.

1. Serbs have always been a hospitable people

Hospitality has always been the utmost quality of local people. If you came as a friend, they would treat you like one.

Whenever you would need help, everybody will be ready to help you. The locals are very polite people, no matter in which situation you find yourself.

The hotel staff is exceptionally polite, and they will be of great help to those coming to Belgrade for the first time.

Even ordinary people on the streets or at the open street markets will always be ready to exchange a few words with you.

2. Serbs are an educated people and speak an excellent English

Visiting Belgrade Serbia, you will be surprised that many speak English as a 2nd language.

Indeed, some of the older people don't speak English at all. But most people under 40 speak fluent English.

3. People in Belgrade Serbia are good looking

Both women and men in Serbia are beautiful. Particularly women are beautiful, handsome, and tall.  

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Strolling through the streets of Belgrade, you will notice for yourself chic and stylish citizens. Young people are well and elegantly dressed, following the latest fashion trends.

4. Belgrade – the world's ultimate #1 party city

Belgrade Serbia has a reputation as one of the world's top party cities, with a wild club scene limited only by imagination and hours in the day. Many clubs move to river barges in the summertime.

It's not surprising that Belgrade calls – the city that never sleeps. Find out more about Belgrade nightlife.

5. Belgrade isn't expensive

Good news for tourists. Belgrade is relatively cheap. In other parts of Serbia, prices are even lower than in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

According to some comparisons with 73 European cities, Belgrade ranks as the 10th cheapest city.

For example, a dinner for two persons at one of the most popular restaurants  (two starters, two main meals, a bottle of good quality wine, coffee, and dessert) will cost you 40 € (45 $).

Considering that portions are abundant, I think the prices are more than convenient for all budgets.

6. Belgrade is a friendly walking city

Belgrade's old town is compact and very walkable, with a large, pedestrian main street (Knez Mihailova) crossing the ancient city from Republic Square to Kalemegdan Park (where the Belgrade Fortress resides) at the other.

With two rivers, Sava and Danube, there is a possibility to walk along the river's banks for hours or, even better, hiring a bike.

7. Belgrade street art

Some Belgrade districts like Savamala, Dorcol, lately also New Belgrade are decorated with street graffiti.

About Belgrade streets graffiti

There are murals everywhere. Belgrade has more street art than any other city in Europe.

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