Belgrade Attractions

There are many Belgrade attractions, the first time visitor must visit. All depends of how long you are planning to stay in Serbia's capital.

Belgrade is an old city that has seen many wars and passed from hand to hand of many rulers during its existence. Each has left a mark on all these historical events, whether in ruins, architecture, art, or culture.

I have selected for you six of the most famous and favorite tourist attractions of Belgrade that can serve as a starting point in exploring all the secrets and surprises that this fantastic city has to offer. Check all Belgrade attractions and best activities, reccomended by Tripadvisor!

6 Top Belgrade Attractions

Belgrade is a rather large city. From my experience, first-time visitors will have the arduous task of planning their visit. It may be helpful to follow some advice on starting your visiting schedule for a two-day stay.

The plan for a two-day stay in Belgrade perfectly matches my idea of top Belgrade highlights you should visit. Let's see my suggested goal of visiting Belgrade attractions:

1. Kalemegdan park and fortress

Kalemegdan Top Belgrade attraction

When planning a trip to Serbia and its capital, Kalemegdan park and the fortress will be the first on your tour. It could happen that you won't have time to visit anything else, except this attraction.

Every city has its symbol, which makes it memorable. Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan park are considered the most significant Belgrade highlights.  

This complex lies on the ridge above the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers. It consists of the Upper Town, the Lower (or Water) City, and the Kalemegdan Park.

Without entering the museums, you will need at least a couple of hours to see the whole area. The best way is to take the walking tour. As the entire area is rich in historical facts and stories, I recommend booking one guided tour.

2. Knez Mihailova street

Knez Mihailova street

Knez Mihajlova street is the most beautiful and most renowned street in Belgrade. It's a typical pedestrian street that hides a large part of the history of Belgrade.

This street will be a must-see route, regardless of whether you are a native of Belgrade or a visitor who comes to Belgrade for the first time. This street stretches from Kalemegdan park to Republic Square.

Every building, every stone, fountain, and monument in Knez Mihailova has its own story. No matter how old you are, where you come from, and what you like, Knez Mihailova generates a special visitor feeling. 

3. Skadarlija – bohemian street

Skadarlija street Old Belgrade

Skadarlija is an area of ​​the historical center of Belgrade. It makes a part of the municipality of Stari Grad (Old Town). Compared to Montmartre in Paris, it is considered the Serbian capital's bohemian district for its appearance, warm atmosphere, and welcoming.

It is a cobbled street of about half a kilometer with side alleys on both sides of the road. Skadarlija is one of the most interesting Belgrade attractions.

When you visit Skadarlija street, you will find many famous restaurants with familiar and romantic names.

Most famous are Tri šešira (Three hats)Ima dana (There are days)Zlatan Bokal (Golden carafe)Dva Jelena (Two Deer)Moj Sesir (My hat), or Mali Vrabac (little sparrow).

Here are the best ways to experience Skadarlija:

4. St Sava Temple

Saint Sava Temple

Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade is the most important and most imposing sacral building of great historical significance. It's the largest Orthodox church built in the Balkans, but it is also the largest Orthodox church in Serbia.

The building of Sava Temple lasted for an extended period and still, today, has not been completed.

Especially the interior of the church will leave a memorable impression on visitors. Decoration and artistic work on buildings of these dimensions is one of the most extended and most complicated works.

Once in Belgrade, it would help if you didn't miss this Belgrade attraction. The best way is to take part in one of the city tours.

5. Zemun and Zemun Quay

About Beo city and Zemun

Zemun is part of Belgrade, a neighborhood and municipality north of New Belgrade. It's completely different in spirit, the pace of living, and architecture.

Located on the bank of the Danube, it's one of the most charming districts of Belgrade. Located at the right bank of the mighty Danube river, Zemun has a kind of Mediterranean feeling.

Once you see it for the first time, you will fall in love, for sure. Zemun (Zemunski Kej – Quay) is a vast promenade that goes along the coast of the Danube in Zemun. It is undeniably considered one of Belgrade's most beautiful and astonishing oases.

If you are looking for a place for a long walk or a bike ride, then your search is over. Zemun Quay offers the most fantastic hiking and biking trails and routes.

Top ways to experience Zemun and Zemunski Quay:

6. Avala Tower

Avala Belgrade attractions

Avala tower, the symbol of Belgrade, stands in the southeastern corner of Belgrade, at 1700 feet above sea level. The building makes part of Avala mountain.

Today, it is a favorite recreational spot for Belgraders and tourists visiting the city. It is also home to several important monuments.

The Avala Telecommunication Tower became a symbol of Belgrade in 1965 and destroyed by NATO bombs on April 29, 1999. 

Top ways to experience Avala Tower: