Is Belgrade expensive?

I have heard the question, is Belgrade expensive, many times. If you ask that question to someone who lives in Belgrade, don't be surprised if you get the answer that Belgrade is not cheap.

This answer is not surprising if you consider that Belgrade employees' average income (net gain) is around 650 Euros (76,000 Serbian dinars). If we mention retired persons, the average incomes are very modest. Income does not exceed the amount of 35,000 dinars (300 Euros).

On the page reasons to visit Belgrade and Serbia, I mentioned that Belgrade belongs to a cheaper place to live, but what about tourists coming to Belgrade from other parts of the world?

Before deciding to visit Belgrade and Serbia, many visitors ask how much a trip to Belgrade costs.



How expensive is Belgrade? How much money do I need for Belgrade? Before answering these questions, read what others said about Belgrade!

On the question of how much money you should bring on holiday in Belgrade and Serbia, John William Bills explains that Serbia is not relatively as cheap to discover as it once was.

I agree with him when he says you must travel slowly to travel cheaply. He mentions that Belgrade is more expensive than the rest of Serbia.

It means that the southern part of Serbia is less expensive than Belgrade.




The other day, I came across an article on Tripadvisor where some travelers ask, “is Belgrade expensive?” and how much does one week in Belgrade cost, including Serbia?

Since this is an article that is seven years old, most answers to “is Belgrade expensive?” were that the price could vary depending on high or low season.

It means that Belgrade is more expensive in the summer period (July and August) than in the autumn and winter months.

The amount of cash you should bring on a holiday to Belgrade depends on your travel style and personal preferences. 


If you decide to visit Belgrade and Serbia, you certainly want to know in advance how much budget you need to have at your disposal.

To get a rough idea of how much budget you need, let's start with the average daily cost for one person in Belgrade.  According to my calculations, the average everyday cost for one person in Belgrade is around 35 Euros.

This amount includes accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment. According to that account, a trip to Belgrade for two people for one week costs an average of  € 490.

In my opinion, this calculation looks very acceptable. The only thing missing is the cost of air transportation. 

Of course, these are only indicative values and your budget may vary depending on your choices and needs. In general, Belgrade is a fairly cheap city to visit compared to other European capitals.

How much does it cost to sleep for the night in Belgrade for two people?

You can compare the different accommodation options but I advise you to look for a property near the historical center or along the Sava river, where you can enjoy the view and the nightlife of Belgrade.

The cost of accommodation in Belgrade depends on the type, location, and accommodation category you choose. You can generally find very affordable prices compared to other European capitals. For example:

A hostel can cost 16 euros per night for a shared room. Here you can find 43 best hostels offer in Belgrade.

A 3-star hotel can cost from 43 euros a night for a double room.

Renting an apartment in Belgrade is the cheapest accommodation option. It can cost from 35 euros per night for 4 people. Book your apartment in stari grad (old town) municipality!

I advise you to look for a property near the historical center or along the Sava river, where you can enjoy the view and the nightlife of Belgrade

Is Belgrade expensive if you decide to eat in a restaurant?

Belgrade can be considered a relatively affordable destination compared to many other European cities. The cost of eating in a restaurant in Belgrade will depend on several factors, such as the type of restaurant, location, and the dishes you order.

In general, if you choose to eat at a mid-range restaurant in Belgrade, you can expect to pay around 1000-1500 Serbian Dinars (around 10-15 Euros) for a meal, excluding drinks.

However, prices can vary significantly depending on the location and type of cuisine. For example, a meal in a fancy restaurant in the city center can cost much more than a meal in a local, traditional restaurant in a less touristy area.

Is Belgrade expensive?

If you are still wondering, it is Belgrade expensive, when visiting Belgrade on a budget then you shouldn't be worried, as Belgrade has a wide range of food options available, including street food, fast food, and markets, which can be even more affordable.

Overall, while Belgrade is not the cheapest city in Europe, it is still relatively affordable, and you can find plenty of options to fit different budgets and tastes.

How much does a dinner for two costs in Skadarlija, Belgrade?

Skadarlija my hat restaurant

Is Belgrade expensive to have a dinner for two in Skaradlija? Skadarlija is a historic street in Belgrade known for its traditional restaurants and lively atmosphere.

The cost of a dinner for two in Skadarlija can vary depending on the restaurant you choose and the dishes you order.

On average, a mid-range dinner for two in Skadarlija can cost between 3000-5000 Serbian Dinars (around 30-50 €), including main dishes, sides, and drinks. However, prices can be higher in fancier or more upscale restaurants.

It's worth noting that many restaurants in Skadarlija offer set menus or “čorba” (traditional Serbian soups), which can be a good value for money. Additionally, some restaurants may charge extra fees for live music performances or other entertainment.

Overall, Skadarlija is a great place to enjoy traditional Serbian cuisine and a lively atmosphere. However, prices can vary widely depending on the restaurant you choose, so it's a good idea to check the menus and prices in advance to ensure that the restaurant fits your budget.


There are several ways to book a hotel in Belgrade. You can use an online booking website to compare prices and reviews of various hotels in the city. In this way, I can guarantee 10% discounts.

You can also contact the hotel you are interested in directly by phone or email and ask for availability and rates. Some hotels offer discounts or benefits if you book directly with them.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose between hotels of different categories and styles. Some of the more popular and well-rated hotels in Belgrade are:

It's a traditional hotel in the heart of the city, with elegant and modern rooms, free WiFi, a restaurant and a private garage. Highly recommended!

A design hotel located on the banks of the river, with a free sauna and gym, spacious and comfortable rooms, free WiFi and a panoramic restaurant. Fabolous location!

Moskva hotel is a historic hotel considered a local monument, with refined rooms equipped with every comfort, free WiFi, a spa and a famous pastry shop.

It's a 4-star hotel located in a quiet area of Belgrade, with a garden, a terrace, a restaurant and a bar. The rooms are air conditioned and feature free WIFI. Breakfast included. My favorite!

One of the best budget hotels in Belgrade.  It offers modern and elegant rooms with free WiFi, air conditioning and private bathroom. It is located near the Republic Square and the Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone. It offers ALSO ONE WEEK STAY FOR TWO PERSONS. You'll get extra 10% on my part!

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