Belgrade Splavovi – N°1 Unforgettable Experience

Belgrade Splavovi

Belgrade splavovi are everywhere in Belgrade. According to the latest data, there are over 170 of them. But what are splavovi.

In the Serbian language, this word has a special meaning. Translated into English, it means rafts or in Italian zattere. It refers to the floating nightclubs, bars, taverns, and restaurants along the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers.

What do splavovi mean for Belgraders

Belgrade splavovi on Sava River
Floating bar boat at the Sava river

Before I answer this question, you should know that two of Belgrade's rivers, Sava and Danube are considered as Belgrade's seaside. The locals, whether they are club-goers or not, come to the rivers to escape the summer heat.

During the hot summer days, the only way to find a little refreshment is to go to the Sava and Danube rivers, or Ada Cinganlija lake.

Today, there are various (splavovi) rafts, from the most common wooden taverns on barrels to exclusive and hypermodern buildings on the water.

For the inhabitants of the capital, on the other hand, Belgrade rafts during the warmer part of the year are in a way a routine, because it is difficult to imagine a weekend during the summer without music and cocktails offered by numerous Belgrade splavovi.

For fans of pop music or ‘folk', if they haven't been so far, I recommend that you visit some of the most popular rafts on the Sava Quay or those at Usce (confluence of Save and Danube rivers.

To know more about these ‘floating river clubs', visit this website and why they have become a must-see destination where you can spend days and nights of unforgettable fun.

Belgrade Splavovi – The best nightlife in Europe

Nowadays, the famous ‘splavovi' (floating river clubs) are a cultural phenomenon known only in this region. They were transformed from places for relaxation into true attraction and became one of the things that must not be missed when you’re visiting Belgrade.

Actually, they have become so popular that no translation is needed. Just come visit and reveal their secrets!

Belgrade is known for its party life where Belgrade splavovi (rafts) have become an attractive part of the tourist offer of the Serbian capital. Belgrade has the fortune to be located on two beautiful rivers – the Sava and the Danube.

Booking Rafts in Belgrade

It doesn’t matter for what reason you want to visit one of the many rafts. Whether it’s just for a cocktail or you’re a music and dance lover, reservation is recommended.

Without a reservation, rafts will be harder for you to access, and the reason is exclusively the great interest in this type of outing. Rafts in Belgrade are extremely popular, so the capacities are mostly full from the beginning of the party.

Reservations are frebut required. It's particularly important to have a reservation if you are coming with a group of friends as it is difficult to find a free table.

To make sure that you will spend a pleasant evening, I recommend booking one of many nightlife tours in advance. This is especially important if you are coming to Belgrade for the first time and do not know anyone there.

Belgrade is a fairly safe city but organized nightlife tours like Belgrade Pub Nightlife and Colombo Pub Crowl are safer and guarantee the best entertainment.

You can make reservations through our Customer Call Center at 063 33 33 44 or 063 34 34 33, as well as by filling the form or contact the VIP SERVICE. Before you dicide, check Covid 19 situation in Serbia!

Belgrade Rafts Working Hours

Raft parties start a little later than in taverns, so the working hours of rafts are between 11 pm and 4-5 am. All rafts work on weekends, while a large number of them work on certain working days, and some even during the whole week.

All rafts are available to you very quickly and easily. Make a reservation on time, and all you have to do is get ready for an outing that will be retold for sure.

Some rafts in Belgrade do not close their doors even during the winter but are ready to warm the atmosphere on New Year's Eve.

Take care of transportation and taxis, because you will want to try many cocktails that top cocktail masters at night in Belgrade prepare for you.

Belgrade Splavovi Prices

Almost all Belgrade rafts offer the same drink prices. The rafts apply the standard drinks prices. The bottle of beer costs from 300-500 dinars, and for a bottle of strong drink (domestic brand), you will pay up to 20.000 dinars.

When booking, you will be informed whether there is any requirement or the minimum amount you need to spend for a particular place. Some most popular party rafts, apply special drink prices, so it's wise to ask in advance.

Belgrade Raft Gallery

It's rather difficult to decide which are the most popular rafts in Belgrade or the best ones. Everything is a matter of personal preferences and affinities, so everyone claims that their favorite raft is the best in Belgrade.

If the parting is the most important, then, the most popular rafts in Belgrade are Freestyler, River, Lasta, Povetarac, Port by Community, Hot Mess, Shake'n'Shake.

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