Belgrade Street Food Yummy Ideas

Belgrade street food is a foundation of its culinary heritage. Belgrade is a city where it is impossible to stay hungry.  This kind of food is much more than a food.

Belgrade street food

When you ask people about their impression of Belgrade, one of the first things they will talk about is the food. In fact the first memory of a country will be about something delicious you ate there.

Nevertheless, Belgrade has a lot of fine dining restaurants, you’ll need time for enjoying your multi course meals. What happens if you are on the go, and you have minimum time for eating? Don’t worry, there is a solution for that too!

Why try Belgrade street food

On of the first reasons to try street food is the freshness of ingredients. The most of food is prepared in front of you. For example, if you choose ‘pljeskavica’ (minced meat patties), at the first sight one can see if meat is fresh or not. Give a look at food in Belgrade!

On the other hand, no less important is street food culinary authenticity. In reality, this is what the local people actually eat. The best way to familiarize with Serbian food is ‘eat what locals eat’.

Pljeskavica in flatbread
Pljeskavica (burger in a bun)
Cheese Burek with yogurt
Burek (cheese pie)

Equally important, is the street food price. In Belgrade street food is cheap. It’s a great saving for travelers on budget. For example, if you eat for breakfast burek (pastry) stuffed with cheese with yogurt, it will cost you between 1,5 to 2 Euro. All can afford it for that price!

In Serbia with a high unemployment rate, the street food business provides income for people. It helps solving this problem, since entering the street food business only requires low investment. 

Best Belgrade street food places

In Belgrade there is so many bakeries, kiosks, eateries, restaurants and fast food delivery establishments. Practically, on every corner of the city you’ll find one. Street food is very popular and  locals just love it.

I’m going to recommend you a few high-quality fast food places in Belgrade. For this purpose, it will be useful to know what to eat during the day. Therefore, let see what and where the locals eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

best breakfast Belgrade fast food spots

Although, it may seem that Belgrade isn’t the right place of a hearty breakfast, recently things are changing. More and more, cafés and restaurants are starting to introduce much lighter and healthier breakfast foods.

But despite everything, if you don’t try typical Belgrade breakfast at one of many local ‘pekare’ (bakeries), you are missing the core of Serbian culinary patrimony.  

The first name you’ll come across is BUREK. Burek is the most popular breakfast in Serbia and the only pastry baked in specialty shops  – buregdžinice. Belgrade has many places where you can taste this iconic Serbian delight.  

To help you find the best breakfast spots in Belgrade, the culture-trip has selected 1o top places, you should visit. Reading this article, you’ll find some creative collection of breakfast places. 

Among these breakfast spots you’ll find different breakfast solutions from American style breakfast, Ciabatta sandwiches, french croissants and pancakes, granola breakfast food. For eggs lovers Voulez-Vous restaurant offers egg specialities including “Voulez-Vous omelette”

In case you like sweet breakfast,  visit Belgrade Art Hotel for original Belgian waffles with whipped cream on top or Penzija Snek Bar for fried dough balls (uštipci).

Top serbian pastry bakeries in Belgrade

Tripkovic Bakery (Pekara)Tripkovic Pekara – The best bakery in Belgrade offering traditional Serbian pastries. An ideal place for breakfast and lunch breaks.
Address: Dimitrija Tucovića 60, Beograd.

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Petrovic Bakery in ZemunPetrovic Pekara – If Triprovic makes best pastry in Belgrade, than Petrovic bakery with 100 years tradition is the best in Zemun.  Address: Bežanijska 39, Zemun.

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Top fast foods in Belgrade

Belgrade is one of rare cities in Europe where street food meals are really cheap. As a result, you will pay for a tasty hamburger between 1 to 2,5 Euros.  For this reason, locals love to eat outside.

Are you curious to know what is the most popular fast food locals eat? It’s well known that vast majority street food is meat-based. Cevapcici, burgers, sausages, pljeskavica are the most popular meat meals.  

If you are one who without McDonald’s can not resist, don’t worry. You’ll find McDonald’s on the every corner in Belgrade. But if you look for the best meat in town with the beast bread, than Loki is for you. Open 24 hours a day, this restaurant is highly praised among locals. Open google map to find it!

Walking around old Belgrade districts, particularly in the streets of Old Dorcol you’ll come across  Dorcolac, one of the most well-known food eatery.  Here you can take a local beer with Serbian barbecue specialties while on the go.

In addition to, renowned pljeskavica, cevapi, stuffed pljeskavica, homemade sausage you should try famous Urnebes salad. This traditional Southern Serbia salad made of pepper and cheese, hot peppers or onion is ‘must be tried’. Prices range from 2 up to 5 euros per serving.

International Belgrade street food

Last years one can find all the cousins of the world in Belgrade. There are international meals for everyone taste from Chinese, Indian, Greek, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese or Israeli cuisine.

As a result of very friendly relations between China and Serbia, the most numerous are Chinese restaurants. Actually, there are more than 30 Chinese restaurants in every part of the city. Here is the list of most visited chinese food eateries. 

For lovers of international cuisine, you can order food for home delivery.  One of the best food delivery in Belgrade is Calling them you can order all types of meals belonging to all international cuisines.

On the Google Belgrade street food map, stands out three fast international food bars. One is Byblos Snack Bar offering the Lebanese cuisine specialties. Tel Aviv Hummus House stores delicious Israeli food while Hanan Shawarma is the best place for Arabian food.