Urban & Alternative Belgrade tour

1 Day

This alternative Belgrade tour route  you will not find in any guidebook. Urban places where young people are hanging out and create some special thing for this big city. Manufacture of ceramics, art galleries, clothing shops of young designers, and all the other locals on the way will make you feel the real urban vibe of the city.



Stop At:
Belgrade Design District
Once the first shopping mall opened in 1990, the place is becoming a melting pot of art galleries and new hip design shops.

Stop At:
Cetinjska Road
Over 20 clubs, bars, and coffee shops all in one district that once was a Belgrade Beer industry. Abandoned in the mid-2000s, now a clubbing neighborhood of Belgrade.

Pass By:
Dorcol Named after a Turkish word for a "crossroad of 4 roads", Dorćol has always been a center of various happenings. Buzzing neighborhood filled with artisans, restaurants, bars, now known as Manhattan of Belgrade, is a must-see for every tourist.

Stop At:

Kosančićev Venac An area that acts as a time machine was what Belgrade looked like 150 years ago. Cobblestone street, romantic streetlights, and old oak trees give this district a special feel.

Pass By:

Savamala Concrete Hall and Savamala quarter, warehouses and ruined industry buildings are now posh bars and restaurants, and old manufacturing places are now art galleries.

What's included:

  • 1. 3 to 4 hours guided tour
  • 2. Coffee and/or Tea

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Urban & Alternative Belgrade tour
  • Walking tour
  • Maximum 15
  • Cultural
  • English
  • 10
  • 90

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