Eastern Serbia Gems

Explore eastern Serbia on a full-day tour from Belgrade to Manasija Monastery, Resavska Cave, Lisine Waterfall, and Krupaj Spring. It's one of a part of Serbia that’s rarely included on tourist itineraries.

After you visit Belgrade make sure to take this amazing tour. You will visit 5 different sites and see nature at its best.

The tour starts at 9. a.m. from your accommodation in Belgrade. You will be impressed by the beautiful scenery, while you enjoy a 1.5-hour drive to our first stop – Manasija Monastery, located among the green hills of the vivid Resava gorge.

Check all cultural tours in Belgrade and Serbia. If you are interested in Serbian history, here you can read about all monasteries in Serbia, including those in Vojvodina and Kosovo.

what are Eastern Serbia Gems?

Eastern Serbia is a region filled with hidden gems that offer a unique and authentic experience for travelers.

Eastern Serbia is home to several remarkable monasteries, each with its own architectural beauty, religious significance, and cultural heritage.

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Eastern Serbia Gems

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