Belgrade With Kids

Belgrade with kids

If you are planning to visit Belgrade with kids, I assure you that you and your little ones will not be disappointed. Belgrade is a kid friendly city and where children are always welcome.

I’ve read some prejudices that Belgrade doesn’t have enough contents  for children. I will immediately reassure you that they are wrong.

I’ve been asked many times – Is Belgrade safe?  This question will surely be important if you decide to visit this city with your children. But, I assure you it’s safer than many European cities.

Things to do in Belgrade with kids

What to say about Belgrade that is not already known? What makes Belgrade an ideal place for your small or a little  older kids?

The  fact is that there is something that distinguishes the common places of each city. Belgrade has many of them. It has two rivers, Danube and Sava, old and a new part of the city.

Belgrade with kids at Ada Ciganlija lake

Belgrade has  Ada Ciganlija lake, Avala mountain, Kalemegdan fortress  and many beautiful parks.  These are the most important parts of the city where you can spend time with your family, where you and your kids will feel more at ease.

Family city Gude

Belgrade with kids map

In the map above I’ve added 10 places where you can take your kids.  They should be more than enough to keep children entertained.

At the same time, you and your kids, will have the opportunity to learn about Belgrade history and culture while having fun.

Below you will find what to do in Belgrade with kids. Have a look how Saron spent 2016 holidays in Belgrade with kids! 

Kalemegdan park

An inevitable tourist destination of Belgrade. It has always been a favorite spot for kids of all ages. Kalemegdan is a city park that has a fortress in its central part.

The whole complex houses many important buildings that will be of great interest for your kids. Exploring the fortress Military museum with its indoor and outdoor exhibitions (cannons, tanks and other weapons), might be attractive for older children.

Belgrade Zoo

Adults will also enjoy Kalemegdan, but it can be a wonderland for children, too. You can easily spend two days in this park.

You can visit Kalemegdan Planetarium, old Roman well, splendid Ruzica Church or Nebojsa Tower and Natural History museum.

The Dinosaur park, amusement park and Zoo will be additional fun for kids. If you visit Kalemegdan park in winter, don’t miss  ‘Tvrdjava’ (Fortress) skating rink.

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions in the heart of Belgrade, is another interesting place to get involved your kids.

Museum of Illusions

Mirror rooms, a kaleidoscope, a room that changes perceptions of a person’s size, didactic-logical toys and puzzles are just a part of the exhibits. At museum’s website you can find more information.

Nikola Tesla Museum

Another museum that worths visiting is Nikola Tesla museum. It is dedicated to glorify this great Serbian scientist , displaying the life and work of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla Museum

A visit to this museum isn’t appropriate for all children’s age. Older children will love getting a science lesson on regular demonstration lessons about the principles of Tesla’s  work.

Aquarium and Tropicarium

Serbia has no sea but Belgrade has a public aquarium and tropicarium opened less than a year ago. It’s located on Senjak district and reveals an undersea world.

Belgrade Aquarium

It’s a very nice aquarium. Not very big but a good place to visit with your kids. If you are a student it’s free but tickets aren’t expensive at all so you won’t regret visiting this place.

Museum of Science and Technology

The name may sound too scientific but this is a marvellous place for visitors, particularly  for  families with kids. The exhibit shows items that testify to how one used to live and work in Serbia.

Museum of Science and Technology
Collection of old-school toys

This wonderful museum displays Serbia’s contributions to science, medicine and technology, with excellent show and interactive exhibits (all in English). It’s suitable for both adults and kids.

Museum is located in old city center in Skenderbeg 5 street. Entrance fee is 200 Dinars (adults), kids up to seven years don’t pay. Opening hours are from 10 AM to 18 PM, every day except on Monday. 

belgrade riversides

If you go in summer period, life in Belgrade moves entirely to the banks of the rivers, Danube and Sava. Everything happens there. 

Ada Cinganlija

Ada Ciganlija Sava river lake is an oasis of rest. It is a real empire of freedom for children. Get ready to enjoy the outdoors and activities in an area enriched with a variety of amenities for both children and adults.

Ada Ciganlija Water City

Danube Quay

The Danube Quay promenade is the most attractive place in Belgrade. It extends from Zemun to Branko Bridge. more than 3 km.

Along the promenade there are a lot of floating rafts – cafes and restaurants where you can dine. Children can nibble popcorns, eat eat ice cream, pancakes, French fries, and sugar foam.

Danube quay amusement park

Nothing is missing here. Just prepare your wallet for cheap children fun. Amusement park, outdoor playroom, mini-band, artificial rock, riding bikes or a river boat trip leaving in from of Hotel Yugoslavia.

Discover Belgrade by bikeSkip the crowded public transit, slow traffic and take a guided bike tour around Belgrade.  This tour covers all  city’s attractions:

Experience both the old and new sides of Belgrade with your guide.
Don’t worry about bike rental, as one is provided for you.

Delta City

Delta City children entertainment center

This is the first real shopping  and entertainment mall in Belgrade. Located in Jurija Gagarina 16 street on left bank of Sava river. 

Large shopping mall, big parking space. Variety of stores of all kinds. Cineplexx,  a multiplex cinema with 6 screens, the big fun center ‘Futurama’,  are top  things for kids and teenagers.

Things to do in Belgrade in winter

Belgrade seems a bit gloomy during the winter. In winter, it is quite cold in Belgrade and snow is a normal occurrence. But still, families with children will find a lot of fun.

During the winter, children will enjoy skating rinks in Belgrade. Among which I suggest the one on Nikola Pasic Square. It’s the closest one to the city center. This rink is small, but it offers many attractions.

Belgrade skating rinks

I’ve already mentioned ‘Tvrdjava – Fortress’ skating rink inside Kalemegdan park. But one in front of the Delta City shopping mall  is the best one. It has one of the busiest animation programs with special discounts for families.

Among other surprises for their visitors, they offer free cups of hot chocolate for couples, theatre on ice, hockey, disco and kindergarten on ice. The best of all, the entrance and skates are free.

Food and restaurants for kids in Belgrade

Kids will like food in Belgrade. Children’s menus  at restaurants are rare but they will fell in love with ‘Cevapcici’ (skinless sausage) or ‘pljeskavica’ (hamburger). And, french fries will not miss.

Burek is a good breakfast solution, every bakery (pekara) sells them by the slice. Even for babies and infant you’ll always find suitable meals. Kids should try kajmak Serbian cheese-like!

Although, there are not many typically children restaurants, at Frans restaurant you’ll find kid’s menu. Parents will be satisfied there as the children are more than welcome.

Frans restaurant's garden

Frans restaurant has a beautiful garden. Kids will be free to sneak around and no one will blame them. Even prices are rather reasonable. A full kids menu goes from 10 to 15 €.

Another restaurant of a strange name ‘Mala Fabrika Ukusa’  (Little Flavor Factory) is very kid-friendly eatery. It’s located close to St Sava Temple.

It also has a children’s play area outside in the gardens. Eating under the shade of the trees is particularly pleasant during hot summer days.

Mala Fabrika Ukusa restaurant

The menus vary, ranging from Serbian to international cuisine. If you happen to go there, the homemade apple and cherry pies, should be on your menu. 

Places to stay in Belgrade With kids

To assist you find the best place to stay in Belgrade, I’ve listed few type of accommodation, best suited for families with children.

If you want my suggestion, than apartments in Belgrade are my first choice, in particular if you are traveling with kids. Apartments are perfect for a longer stay (3 to 7 days).

On average, an apartment in Belgrade costs € 59.20 per night (according prices).

Belgrade City Centre, Stari Grad and Vracar are the most popular among family travelers visiting Belgrade.

To learn more about apartments benefits, I pick up some apartments according their location and some with nice views.

Some of the best apartments in Belgrade near Republic Square Belgrade include Main Square Residence, City Center LUX Apartment and Take 5.

Tulum Apart Belgrade, Apartment Petra 071 and Talisman have received great reviews from guests in Belgrade regarding the views from these apartments.

Novel Inn, Bridge Apart Belgrade and Natalie’s Apartment are some of most popular apartments in Belgrade.

Family Hotels

Many families prefer to book hotel instead of apartments. Here are some of hotels which are very valuable for families:

Garni Hotel Nevski ****
Garni Hotel Nevski 4 stars family hotel

Nevski is a reasonable priced hotel, located in very center, not far from bohemian Skadarlija street. It offers two-bedroom suite with a warm atmosphere and spacious living room.

Suites have the average area of 75 m2 and consist of two bedrooms, living room with kitchen and dining area. Click here to see the latest prices.

Life Design Hotel ****
Hotel Life Design 4 stars family hotel

This elegant hotel is one of the top picks in Belgrade. Beside its central location, its benefit are quadruple rooms which are great for families.

It also offers free WiFi and an onsite day spa, fitness center, restaurant and bar.  Families can benefit of free garage parking. Click here to see the latest prices.

Lazar Lux Apartments ****
Lazar Lux Apartment

I can’t help but recommend this supper affordable apartment (not hotel). It’s ideal for families with both studios and 1 bedrooms available.

It offers all you need for a pleasant stay in Belgrade with kids. Free on-site parking is available and airport shuttle. Click here to see the latest prices.

It wouldn’t be fair if I don’t mention my favorite hotel – Moskva, icon of Belgrade. It’s most popular hotel in Belgrade but it’s rather hard to find free room, unless you book one, quite early. Click here to see if they have available room? 

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