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Kajmak Serbian Cheese-like

Kajmak Serbian cheese like product

Kajmak or Kaymak is a typical Serbian milk product. Above all, it’s a  fresh dairy product, rich in milk fat (around 60%) with distinguishing gusto, color and uniformity.

Although, this product can be found throughout the Middle East and South-East Europe, it’s  the original Serbian creation. Similarly, the English equivalent  would be a skim milk.

However, this product can be similar by taste or color, but Serbian kaymak is a completely different thing. Read this article written by By Ginanne Brownell Mitic, titled ‘An Expat in Search of Serbian Kajmak‘.

It’s a kind of testimonial that only Serbia offers this delicacy  (though Turkey has something vaguely similar).

What does Kajmak taste like?

As an indispensable part of the Serbian and Balkan cuisine, there is nothing quite as tasty, sweet and aromatic as this milk product. 

Whenever you try kaymak, its rich taste will make you wanting more and more. Its unique small will definitely make your mouth water.

Above all, it doesn’t taste like cream cheese. It has a sweet taste when it’s ‘young’ (freshly prepared). The color in the phase of preparation is white.

If the kajmak is more older (mature), it has a stronger and flavored salty taste. The color is yellow. Many people like it more mature as a good quality product are a yellow tinge and smooth texture.

How to eat kajmak

It is served with lunch and dinner as a side dish, as it goes well with everything. Some enjoy it for breakfast, but  others like it as  a side dish with cevapi or  pljeskavica.

It perfectly matches with fresh vegetable but tomato salad is the most suitable with this  delicacy. Since, kaymak has a high percentage of milk fat, don’t exaggerate. 

Serbian pogaca a type of bread

If you would like really to enjoy eating kajmak, than buy this bread. It’s Serbian pogaca (type of bread similar to Italian focaccia). Add some kaymak melting in a warm and crispy bread to enhance the taste.

Where to buy Kajmak

In Belgrade you can buy it on every city open market. All markets have a separate dairy product section.

Kajmak is usually made in Serbian farmers’ homes with fresh milk. It is considered to be the best one from western Serbia and the surrounding area of Cacak. 

People usually look for sellers from this town as they produce a real  ‘kajmak’. But sometimes it’s difficult to find it. Anyhow, if you  want to buy good quality kajmak, try it before you decide. Every seller will offer you a piece of it to taste it before you buy.


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