New Belgrade Brutalist buildings

New Belgrade Gallery

New Belgrade

I’ve decided to show you this New Belgrade gallery without intention to condemn its architectural appearance. What is done is done. Since,  the very beginning  from 1940s to 1950s, the main target was to turn the swamp area of New Belgrade into a new city. The plan was to build as many buildings as possible […]

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Kajmak Serbian cheese like product

Kajmak Serbian Cheese-like

serbian food

Kajmak or Kaymak is a typical Serbian milk product. Above all, it’s a  fresh dairy product, rich in milk fat (around 60%) with distinguishing gusto, color and uniformity. Although, this product can be found throughout the Middle East and South-East Europe, it’s  the original Serbian creation. Similarly, the English equivalent  would be a skim milk. […]

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Why Belgrade is called White City?


Do you know, why Belgrade is called White City? Belgrade original name is Beograd. The name consists of two words. The first one, ‘beo’ in Serbian means ‘white’. The second part, ‘grad’ refers to ‘city or town’. If we examine its name in other languages, we can see that in English name ‘Belgrade’ has a […]

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Ex Yugoslavia map

Ex Yugoslavia Memory


Ex Yugoslavia doesn’t’ exist any more. There are almost thirty years that the name Yugoslavia is not pronounced. Is it true that this name doesn’t really mean nothing anymore to anyone? I wouldn’t say, this name has disappeared completely from the minds of people. There is still the memory of ex country. Yugoslavia was a […]

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Economic Migration From Serbia


Economic migration from Belgrade and Serbia have reached frightening numbers. More and more young people leave their country in search of a better future. Recent research shows that three quarters of young people living in Serbia want to emigrate.  This puts Serbia at the forefront among regional countries. Almous 50% of the survey respondents affirmed […]

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Is Belgrade safe for tourists?

travel guide

I’ve been asked many times – Is Belgrade safe? I am convinced it’s safer then many European cities. Comparing it with cities like Paris, London or what’s worse with Naples, Rome or Milan than Belgrade is the safest city in Eastern Europe. Even now, at a time when many Asian refugees are going across Serbia […]

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Drinking coffee Turkish style

Drinking Coffee In Belgrade


Drinking coffee in Belgrade has a very long tradition in Belgrade. Having a cup of coffee can’t be considered only just like ‘a tool to wake up’. For local people is much more than that! Belgrade people like to drink coffee. They do drink a lot of coffee. But the way they enjoy coffee, has […]

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