Hotel Moskva Belgrade N° 1 Delicious Cake

Hotel Moskva Belgrade Snit cake

Hotel Moskva Belgrade is one of the most important historical gems in Serbia's capital city but also known for Moscow Snit (cake), a recognizable and protected brand of the hotel pastry shop.

Hotel Moskva is one of the oldest Belgrade hotels, whose construction began in March 1905, under the name of Rossiya Palace (Russian Palace). According to Wikipedia, It was the biggest privately owned building in Serbia at the time.

During its turbulent history hotel has changed its name several times. In spring 1941, after Belgrade was invaded by Nazi Germany, the name was changed to Hotel Velika Srbija, as Gestapo didn't like its references to Russia.

Today, this 4-star hotel is located on the Terazije square in Belgrade's downtown core, administratively part of the Stari Grad municipality. It lies at the intersection of three streets: Terazije, Prizrenska, and Balkanska.

Its location on top of Terazijska Terasa provides a wonderful skyline view of Novi Beograd, across the Sava river.

Hotel Moskva Belgrade Pastry Shop

Hotel Moskva Belgrade pastry shop

There are not many hotels that can boast of having a pastry shop. Hotel Moskva has one of the best, not only in Belgrade.

In 1974, the hotel restaurant added a poslastičarnica (a locally customized version of a pastry shop or pâtisserie) as part of its offering. Nothing so special, someone might say.

Among a rich selection of various cakes, the one has become the most famous, worth visiting this patisserie or booking a room at Hotel Moskva Belgrade.

Moskva Snit Cake

Moscow Snit cake was just one of many recipes created in 1974, but it was this cake that became World famous within just months.

It's a fruitcake with almonds, sour cherries, and pineapple, that quickly became popular and remains one of the hotel's staples until the present day.

The original Moskva šnit recipe, which had in the meantime been trademarked, was put together by the pastry chef Anica Džepina. Because of its uniqueness, Moscow Shnit cake is served all around the globe.

You could taste it in London, Vienna, Budapest, Geneva, Rome, and Chicago, but still it is best enjoyed alongside live piano tunes and hotel Moscow’s homemade, limited edition glass of wine at the birthplace of the Royalty of Cakes – Hotel Moscow itself.

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