Ex Yugoslavia Memory

Ex Yugoslavia map

Ex Yugoslavia doesn’t’ exist any more. There are almost thirty years that the name Yugoslavia is not pronounced.

Is it true that this name doesn’t really mean nothing anymore to anyone? I wouldn’t say, this name has disappeared completely from the minds of people. There is still the memory of ex country.

Yugoslavia was a great country. Many think in different way. There are people who believe that Yugoslavia was a prison of nations. For them not all nationalities had equal rights.

Firstly, I didn’t pay attention to those  differences. Secondly, I was educated to respect everyone regardless the nationality they belong.  Read more about me!

Yugoslavia was a rather happy country. It was one of the safest countries in Eastern Europe.

Ex Yugoslavia Once Upon A Time

Ex Yugoslavia coat of arms
Six torches with seven flames

As a travel guide during Yugoslavia period I was guided many times, American tourists mainly along Croatia’s coast. I still remember what was my introductory review about Yugoslavia. Most of tourists appreciated it very much.

To make the story  more comprehensible I connected this country with 6 most important facts. I  started from 6 to 1 (not from 1 to 6). You’ll soon understand why in this order!

N° 6 – Six republics – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. Serbia had two autonomous provinces (Vojvodina and Kosovo).

N° 5 – Five nations – Slovenians, Croatians, Serbs, Montenegrins and Macedonians.

N° 4 – Four languages – Slovenian , Croatian, Serbian and Macedonian. Official language was Croatian-Serbian or Serbian-Croatian language.

N° 3 – Three religions – Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim.

N° 2 – Two letters in use – Latin and Cyrillic.

N° 1 – Up to 1980 Tito was the only president of SFRJ (Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia).

What’s left of Ex Jugoslavia

Almost nothing. Maybe someone remembers nostalgically about it. I’m one of them. Generations born after 1990 hardly know anything about it.

At school programs, I don’t believe you will find anything about Yugoslavia. New generation maybe have heard something from their grandparents.

Older generations still feel nostalgic for the country they were born. In Belgrade in 2013 was founded Yugodom, the  world’s first and only stay-over museum.  

Today, there are the same number of new states as those ex republics. All with its problems, its borders, its army. 

One of the saddest problem of  people of Yugoslavia, was the fact they didn’t learn anything from history. Old saying ‘History is the teacher of life’ haven’t had no effect.

What was the cause of Yugoslavia split-up? In first place local politicians have caused its breakup. Europe has also contributed to this. Europe didn’t like to have a strong and united Yugoslavia.

Instead of unification, they chose separation. However, there were many ways to solve internal problems. Unfortunately, instead of peaceful discussions and negotiations, they chose the war.


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