Economic Migration From Serbia

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Economic migration from Belgrade and Serbia have reached frightening numbers. More and more young people leave their country in search of a better future.

Recent research shows that three quarters of young people living in Serbia want to emigrate. 

This puts Serbia at the forefront among regional countries. Almous 50% of the survey respondents affirmed that they would like to live and work abroad.

On the other hand, the problem seems even worse as it involves  young people between 15 and 24 that decide to leave their country.

Some figures say that 654,000 people left Serbia from 2000 to early 2019. It’s almost half of Belgrade city population.

What are the reasons of economic migration?

Serbia  is a source of talents and highly educated young people. But unfortunately, to be talented doesn’t mean much , if there is no work.

First of all, economic situation in Serbia is the main reason for this phenomenon. The  youth unemployment rate in Serbia has increased to 32 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018.  On this page you can find all rates!

I’ve investigated more in detail, the young persons who decide to leave Serbia. I came to the conclusion that it concerns only young people with high qualifications level.

Few stories about economic migration

Here is for example, a young girl graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. After five years of  temporary works (but not in the field of medicine) , she decides to move to Germany.

She has been waiting for adequate job too long ( even officials say ‘this staff is missing’). Most importantly, for a doctor’s salary in Serbia of 500-600 euros a month, she decided  to go to Germany for five to six times more.

A story of a young promising student studying architecture in Serbia, but he plans to continue his education in Vienna.
The story of a young 26 years old girl, with a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biology, packed her suitcases in 2016 to move in Sweden!

There are so many  examples of economic migration from Belgrade and Serbia. In conclusion, some researches show that from 3000 interviewed persons, 46% of  are ready to leave Serbia.

I think that future of Serbia is in serious danger of intellectual impoverishment.

Generation 1999: The Wonder of a Child

This is a story of Tamara Rogović, 19 years girl with the child prodigy title in Serbia, not talented enough for a Young Talent Fund scholarship in Belgrade where she was rejected.

Her painting talent was noticed by foreign institutions and she continued her education in Paris, where she received the status of a genius girl.

She continued her education very quickly in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and became the youngest postgraduate student in this country.

Her surrealism-style paintings opened her doors in Europe, only in Serbia she was rejected as a person without painting talent.

Tamara Rogovic Bridge in 1999
Tamara Rogović – broken bridge in 1999 bombing in Serbia

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