Drinking Coffee In Belgrade

Drinking coffee Turkish style

Drinking coffee in Belgrade has a very long tradition in Belgrade. Having a cup of coffee can’t be considered only just like ‘a tool to wake up’. For local people is much more than that!

Belgrade people like to drink coffee. They do drink a lot of coffee. But the way they enjoy coffee, has become a phenomenon in Belgrade and Serbia. How Serbia took coffee drinking to a whole new level? – Read Maja Stefanović article! 

Above all, when talking about coffee, I don’t refer to any kind of coffee. It’s Turkish coffee I have in mind.

This coffee is one of the few positive inheritances, left after  centuries of  Turkish occupation. First and foremost, good Turkish coffee requires a good quality blend. 

Today, when younger people drink espresso coffee,  cappuccino or macchiato, it’s not easy to find a bar or kafana (the place where coffee is drunk), serving Turkish coffee.

The term ‘kafana’ originates from Turkish words 'kahve' and 'hana'. The first is domesticated and recognizable, and refers to the black drink, the second is 'home' or 'house', so it is clear how this term came about - the place where coffee is drunk.

Time needed for drinking coffee in Belgrade

I live in Italy, where espresso is drunk ‘on the go’ or ‘afoot’ and where price of a coffee depends if you decide to take a seat at bar.

In Belgrade time that takes for one coffee, goes from half an hour to forty minutes. It’s not only question of drinking a coffee, but enjoyment of coffee has to be involved.

On the other hand, in addition to coffee, it’s a right moment to exchange own opinions  about domestic and world political events. This is a commonplace in most Belgrade cafes among friends, business partners or lovers.

Not so long time ago,  one of the side additions with a cup of Turkish coffee, was Ratluk a must-have delicacy. It derives from Turkey (in 15th century). It’s known as Rahat Locum, the Turkish word) meaning – sweet snack. 

Drinking coffee with Ratluk
Ratluk - sweet snack!
Dzezva - a small pot for preparing Turkish coffee
Dzezva - coffee pot

Here is useful guide to the best coffee shops in Belgrade. The article focuses on coffee shops located in central part of Belgrade.


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