Corona virus In Serbia

Corona Virus in Serbia

Corona virus  has arrived in Serbia. The number of coronas infected with the virus in Serbia is 46. This is the latest news on March 15th. 

By 8 p.m., a total of 46 individuals who met the case definition criteria were tested in the national reference laboratory of the Torlak Institute. Here you can follow the real corona virus situation!

Due to the increasing number of patients, it is expected that the Government of Serbia will declare a state of emergency in the coming days.

The government measures against Corona virus

In order to suppress the root of the virus, international road traffic is being diverted to major crossings. 42 smaller and occasional border crossings will be temporarily closed, 24 of which are for road traffic.

At the Infectious Disease Clinic in Belgrade, there are currently 12 patients with coronary virus.

Five patients are stationed in Nis, four in the Novi Sad, while one is located in Pancevo and Kragujevac. According to Minister Zlatibor Loncar, there are patients in Cacak and Zrenjanin as well.

Vucic: Serbia has 1.008 respirators

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia currently has 1,008 respirators. This is, according him, three times more than in 2009 when 137 people died from swine flu according to official data in Serbia.

Vucic urges senior citizens to stay home. He has asked the oldest citizens to stay in their homes today. It is expected that the Government of Serbia will declare a state of emergency in the coming days.

Corona Virus

What is happening in Serbia?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said the number of people affected by the corona tends to increase.

“In the coming period, we will have a much harder time than today, I am saying this based on the experience of all countries affected by the epidemic.”

“We expect a large increase in the number of people infected in the days ahead, some will be left without loved ones, and our goal is to reduce this as much as we can.”


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