Beton Hala A Must Visit Place

Beton Hala (Concrete Hall)

Beton Hala (Concrete Hall) is a popular venue on the right bank of Sava river, just a few steps under Belgrade Fortress. It has become a popular oasis of numerous restaurants offering excellent food, drinks and music.

It lies along the right Sava river bank in 2-4 Karadjordjeva street. It isn’t far from the Savamala neighborhood, and not far from the Belgrade Port, on the Sava River.

Beton Hala on the map

The concrete hall area extends from Branko bridge all the way to Belgrade lower town of the fortress. It’s also ideal place to take a great walk along the Sava riverbank.  Walking along it will take to the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers.

In the past the whole area was a  part of the industrial zone of Belgrade. It primarily served as a storage place made up of a series of large warehouses.

Today, on their place you’ll find  a series of trendy restaurants and clubs, some of the best Belgrade has to offer.


Above all, this venue is a popular restaurant oasis where the restaurants are lined up one after the other. Consequently, the higher prices indicate the higher quality of service including the exquisite  food, drinks and top waiter service.

Among many restaurants, it’s hard to choose the right one. If you are looking for a good meal at any time of the day, Magaza offers a wide selection of gastro specialties. The prices are more than reasonable. 

Magaza Beton Hala restaurant

Beside Magaza, Sakura, Ambar, Cantina de Frida, Lavash  are some of the places in Beton Hala you can’t miss. Whatever you choose, you won’t mistake. 

Concrete Hall nightlife clubs

In recent years, the Concrete Hall has become synonymous of a good nightlife in Belgrade. More and more Belgrade residents as well as tourists coming out just in this part of the city.

The best Belgrade party clubs are located right here. Here you can enjoy all kinds of club music, RNB or live gigs, and experience an unparalleled pastime. Here some of the best clubs:

Club The Bank

If you want to go to a real RnB club in town then The Bank is recommended club!

Komitet Club

Club Committee – another place that is synonymous with club life in Belgrade.

Gotik club

For over three years, the most attractive and exciting nightlife venues in Belgrade.

Freestyler club

A winter variant of popular Freestyler Winter Club, located in Concrete Hall.

Beton Hala Toro Latin Gastro Bar
Sunset at Toro Latin Bar
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