Belgrade Streets Art

Street art by Artez

Graffiti and murals are part of Belgrade streets art which has reached its peak in recent years, either in number but above all in quality.

Graffiti has always been considered an anti-cultural phenomenon that was associated with vandalism and sacrilege of public buildings.

The messages were often aggressive and politically oriented. The development of graffiti has undergone tremendous changes throughout history, but even today, graffiti artists are fighting against these stereotypes that still exist.

Belgrade Streets Art Project

New graffiti on the streets of Belgrade has brought a new life. Some gloomy parts of the city, like Savamala or Dorcol, got a new light with graffiti and murals.

In Serbia, the public often has a negative opinion about this art form. However, a few local graffiti artists have changed such attitudes with the quality of their works.

Many prominent artists have left their mark on the walls, gates, and bridges of Belgrade and other cities.

Belgrade streets' art

The goal of the Belgrade Streets Art

Graffiti and street art are an inevitable part of the urban environment. To imagine a city without graffiti would be the same as to imagine a city without cars.

Graffiti is everywhere, exposed to views, weather conditions, and emotions. The goal of Street Art is to gain long-term understanding and support from the local community.

This support reflects in everyday life through painting the facades of buildings in cooperation with residential communities.

The idea is to preserve existing murals, create interest in exhibitions and festivals related to street art, photograph and document street art.

Many new artists are trying to share acquired knowledge with friends, neighbors, colleagues, family as the most honest way to protect and preserve this art as a cultural heritage.

Belgrade Streets Art Groups by Sofia

JNA group (grupa)

Grupa JNA is a street art collective and punk band active mostly in Dorcol. These murals were some of the first pieces I ran into (probably because so many of them are near some of our favorite restaurants in Belgrade).

Belgrade streets art JNA group


The street art collective GTR stands for ‘the Grobarski (gravediggers) Trash Romanticism.” While it’s not an elegant name when translated into English, you can just remember GTR for short. 

The group sometimes works with Grupa JNA, and sometimes produces works on their own. This mural is part of a series on the Belgrade football rivalries, which, to be honest, I barely understand.

Belgrade strrets art GTR group

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