Belgrade Public Transport

Belgrade public transport has very branched network. City public transport  covers the whole city area by network of bus, trolley and tram routes. 

GSP ‘Beograd’ (Gradsko saobracajno preduzece – City transport company) runs the major part of the city transport.

Getting Around city on Belgrade public transport

Trams are the oldest means of public transport and generally all trams in Belgrade are extended through the city center. Some tram lines cover also area of New Belgrade.  

Belgrade trolleybuses are very popular, although there are significantly fewer lines than buses.  In the near future, city’s authorities plan to change this 70 years old mean of transport with new electric buses. 

Above all, buses are the most numerous means of transportation. Buses covers the outermost zones of the city. Buses are the most unpopular way of getting around Belgrade.

Belgrade city transport tickets

Belgrade local public transportation is really cheap. Rarely, in any European capital you’ll pay less than 1 $ (90 Dinars) for 90 minutes ride. The price is the same no matter you choose bus, tram or trolley.

This price only concerns if you buy a ticket at kiosks you’ll find everywhere across the city. If you buy from the driver, you have to pay 150 RSD. In any case, don’t miss to validate your ticket on the bus machine. The penalties are very high.

BusPlus passes

For tourists Belgrade public transport offers so called busplus pass tickets. It can be bought at kiosks marked with a ticket sticker BUS PLUS and many shops in the city.

Busplus ticket for Belgrade public transport

Tourist can choose one of three types of ticket passes. It depends on how long they decide to stay in Belgrade.

  • One day ticket pass costs 250 RSD.
  • Three days 700 RSD
  • Five days 1000 RSD (Serbian dinars)

Tickets must be validated immediately upon entry into the vehicle, using touch screen monitor machines installed in every vehicle (bus, tram or trolley).

All passes includes unlimited drives in the zones 1 and 2, that cover most of the city. Check these zones here! Ticket pass is valid from 04 AM to midnight. For night drives you need to buy separate ticket only on the bus (150 – 200 RSD).

Most popular transport routes

As a first time visitor, there is no need to know all public transportation lines. However if you are staying in Belgrade for a day or for three days, there are some transport routes you should know.

Tram line 2 on the Belgrade map
Tram line N°2 map
  • Tram 2 connects Belgrade Fortress with Trg Slavija and the bus stations.
  • New Belgrade train station ‘Prokop’ is connected by bus N° 36 with Trg Slavija and the bus stations. In alternative, you can use trolleybus N°40 or 41 with the city centre.
  • To reach Zemun neighbourhood (45 walking distance across Brankov Most (Bridge) or alternatively,  bus N° 15 or 84 from Zeleni Venac market.
Tram on line 2 in Belgrade public transportation
The iconic Belgrade line
Tram line 2

Get on tram line 2. None of Belgrade’s lines are more fascinating than this line. On a circular route around Belgrade’s Old Town, you’ll enjoy the city’s most iconic sights.

Getting around by taxi

Taxi is a common part of Belgrade public transportation. You’ll probably use this service when visiting Belgrade. However, taxi in Belgrade according European standards is reather cheap.

On the other hand, taxi scams are common in Belgrade. Most importantly, check license plates before you enter. Legal taxis must have license plates ending with TX (eg BG-1234-TX).

How to avoid taxi scam?

Only take a taxi with a roof sign with the city coat of arms and a number, indicating it's a city-regulated radio taxi.

To be safe, order your taxi using on of two smartphone app. Both, Yandex or Car.go, since both, will record licence plates, and the whole ride. Apps will also give you approximate price that you need to pay (it might be up to 5% different).


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