Belgrade floating river clubs

What are Belgrade floating river clubs? These clubs, also called splavs or splavovi (rafts), are a unique feature of the city's nightlife. They are barges turned into restaurants, bars, and clubs anchored at the Sava and Danube Rivers riverbank.

They offer a variety of music, atmosphere, and views, and attract locals and tourists alike. Some say that the river is their seaside, and they come to the splavs to escape the summer heat and enjoy the party vibe.

It is an experience you should not miss when visiting Belgrade! There are around 300 rafts in Belgrade, each with a different personality, style, and genre.

Belgrade floating river clubs

When is the best period to visit Belgrade floating river clubs?

The best period to visit Belgrade river clubs is from late April to late September when the weather is warm and Belgrade splavovi are open.

They are a popular attraction for locals and tourists who want to enjoy the summer heat and party until dawn. Belgrade river clubs have different opening hours depending on the type of splav and the season.

Some are open year-round, but many only operate in summer. Most splavs open around midnight and close at 4 a.m. or later.

Is there a ticket fee for the Belgrade Rafts?

The entrance fee for Belgrade floating river clubs varies depending on the splav, the night, and the event. Some floating clubs do not charge any entrance fee, but they may require reservations or have long lines outside.

Other splavs may charge between 500 and 1000 Serbian dinars (around 1.5 to 7.5 euros) for entrance, depending on the popularity and exclusivity of the raft. It is advisable to bring cash, as not all splavs accept credit cards.

How much do drinks cost at Belgrade floating river clubs? The drink prices depend on the splav, the night, and the drink. Generally, the drinks are cheaper than in Western Europe.

A beer can cost around 1 to 2 euros, a cocktail can cost around 3 to 7 euros, and for a bottle of rakija you will pay around 10 to 20 euros.

Is it mandatory to take drinks at Belgrade river clubs? No, it is not mandatory to take drinks at Belgrade floating river clubs.

You can enjoy the music, the atmosphere, and the views without drinking alcohol. However, some splavs may have a minimum consumption policy or charge a cover fee if you do not order any drinks.

Which Belgrade rafts clubs ask for a minimum consumption policy or charge a cover fee?

The more popular and exclusive the splav, the more likely it is to have a minimum consumption policy or a cover fee. For example, Freestyler is a fashion-forward raft that is always packed and may require a minimum spend of 1000 Serbian dinars (around 8 euros) per person.

The more casual and laid-back the splav, the less likely it is to have a minimum consumption policy or a cover fee. For example, Shake ‘N' Shake is a floating club that plays Serbian folk music and does not charge any entrance fee.

How to make a reservation in advance on Belgrade floating river clubs?

Shake N shake floating club

To make a reservation in advance on one of the floating river clubs, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose the splav that suits your music preference, style, and budget. You can check their websites or social media pages for more information about their events, prices, and policies.
  • Contact the club by phone, email, or online form to request a reservation. You may need to provide your name, phone number, date, time, number of people, and table preference. Some clubs may also ask for a deposit or a credit card number to confirm your reservation.
  • Arrive on time at the river club and show your confirmation or ID to the staff. They will guide you to your table and take your order. Enjoy the party and pay your bill at the end. You can tip 10% to 15% if you are satisfied with the service.

Here are some of them:

  • Klub 20/44Website. Phone: +381 69 8300 444
  • FreestylerWebsite. Phone: +381 69 690 694
  • Hot Mess Website. Phone: +381 62 222 152
  • Shake ‘N' ShakeWebsite. Phone: +381 64 641 2233

You can also check other Belgrade floating river clubs' websites or phone numbers on this website.

Are Belgrade floating river clubs safe for groups of girls or single ones?

Belgrade floating river clubs

Belgrade river clubs are generally safe for groups of girls or single ones, as long as they follow some common sense rules. Some of these rules are:

  • Do not accept drinks from strangers or leave your drinks unattended.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash or valuables with you.
  • Do not get too drunk or use drugs that may impair your judgment or awareness.
  • Do not go alone with someone you do not know or trust.
  • Do have a reliable way of transportation to and from the splav.
  • Do have a phone with a local SIM card or roaming service in case of emergency.

What kind of safe transportation to take to and from Belgrade river clubs? You can take a taxi from anywhere in the city to the splavs and vice versa. Make sure to use a licensed taxi company and agree on the fare before getting in.

You can also use online apps such as CarGo or Yandex Taxi to book a ride.

You can take a bus from the city center to the splavs and vice versa. The bus lines that run near the splavs are 15, 84, 704, 706, and 707. The bus fare is 150 Serbian dinars (around 1 euro) if you buy a ticket on board or 90 Serbian dinars (around 0.7 euro) if you buy a ticket at a kiosk.

Which floating river clubs (splavovi) are better, on the Sava or Danube River?

There is no definitive answer to which Belgrade floating river clubs (splavovi) are better, on the Sava or Danube River. It depends on your personal preference, taste, and mood.

Both rivers have a variety of splavs that offer different music genres, styles, and atmospheres. Some of the factors that may influence your choice are:

  • The location: The Sava River is closer to the city center and has more splavs along its banks. The Danube River is farther from the city center and has fewer splavs, but they are more spacious and scenic.
  • The music: The Sava River has more mainstream splavs that play international pop, house, R&B, and hip hop music. The Danube River has more alternative splavs that play underground, rock, jazz, and folk music.
  • The crowd: The Sava River attracts more young and trendy people who like to party hard and dress up. The Danube River attracts more laid-back and mature people who like to chill and enjoy nature.

Ultimately, the best way to find out which Belgrade floating river clubs (splavovi) are better for you is to try them out yourself and have fun!

best Belgrade floating clubs on the Danube River?

Danube river raft Zappa Barka

Here are some of Belgrade floating river clubs on the Danube River:

  • Plastic – A modern and stylish splav that plays house, techno, and electronic music. It has a large dance floor, a VIP area, and a terrace with a view of the river.
  • Blaywatch – A cozy and elegant club that plays pop, rock, and folk music. It has a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool. It is popular among celebrities and businesspeople.
  • Lasta – A trendy and sophisticated floating club that plays R&B, hip hop, and funk music. It has a chic interior, a cocktail bar, and a VIP lounge. It attracts young and fashionable people.
  • Baraka – A casual and friendly raft that plays reggae, ska, and dub music. It has a colorful decor, a relaxed vibe, and a live band. It attracts alternative and laid-back people.

best Belgrade floating clubs on the Sava River

Freestyler Floating club

Here are some of Belgrade floating river clubs on the Sava River:

  • Klub 20/44 – A hipster raft with underground music and a life-size figure of Michael Jackson on the balcony. It got its name from the geographical coordinates of Belgrade.
  • Freestyler Belgrade – A fashion-forward club with international pop music and a newly renovated sound and lighting system. It is always packed so reservations are recommended.
  • Hot Mess – A chic floating club with a swimming pool, palm trees, and a cocktail bar. It plays house and R&B music and attracts celebrities and models.
  • Shake ‘N' Shake – A casual splav that plays Serbian folk music and serves traditional food and drinks. It is designed for lazy drinks and river dips.

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