Belgrade apartments rental

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Belgrade apartments rental is one of the best and cheapest types of accommodation, offering a variety of quality apartments at very low prices. It covers almost all Belgrade's municipalities.

If you have decided to visit Belgrade as your next travel destination, well done! You have made a good dicision.

Once you have decided on Belgrade and how you will get there, before you go on, read few important notes about this city.

After you've got acquainted with the important facts about Belgrade, the next logical move is to find a place to stay. Sometimes it would be a tricky job, as Belgrade offers a large number of options when it comes to accommodation.  

Belgrade can boast of three classic types of accommodation, starting from hotels, hostels, and an option that is becoming more and more popular  – Belgrade apartments rental.

5 reasons why Belgrade apartments rental is the best option

To substantiate why apartments are the best option as a place to stay in Belgrade, it is best to trust – TripAdvisor.

1. Comfort

Most Belgrade apartments offer a high level of comfort. Apartments are spacious, clean, and can accommodate from one to 18 people.

On this page, Belgrade apartments rental refer to so-called short terms rental or short travel and vacation rentals. You can choose the size that suits your needs, from a studio to a five-room apartment.

2. Price

Price is the most important factor when you decide to rent an apartment in Belgrade. It's hard to find better prices for accommodation in Belgrade.

A double room in any hotel no matter how many stars it has will cost you much more than an apartment per two people.  

When you take into account accommodation in hostels, you'll come across lower prices in some hostels but they aren't equivalent to the level of comfort offered by Belgrade apartments rental.

3. Quality standards

Most apartments are fully equipped with everything that today's modern tourists require. 

Bathroom with washing machine, the kitchen that has everything you may need to prepare your favorite dishes, TV, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and other smaller appliances such as hairdryer or iron.

4. Luxuriousness

Belgrade apartments are generally very comfortable. For those who are looking for more luxurious units, Belgrade will satisfy their wishes.

Belgrade apartments rental offers apartments of a higher level of luxury. At tourist's disposal, there are flats, where you can have , fireplaces, and designer furniture.

5. Position

You can find apartments in all possible locations. If you need an apartment in the center of Belgrade near Skadarlija or Republic Square, you don’t have to worry.

If you need an apartment near some important city sights, such as St.Sava Temple, close to the Nikola Tesla Museum or House of Flowers (Kuca cveca),  no problem!

In the summer period from June to August, many visitors show great interest in apartments along the two rivers waterfront or the Zemun quay area. Below you can find, the best offers of apartments with rivers view.

Belgrade apartments rental according to travelers' demands

All apartments in Belgrade are the best option for finding the ideal accommodation when you consider the price, quality, and comfort.

For travelers with particular demands I've added some guidelines to help you find apartments according to their needs: 

Belgrade apartments rental by location

When you decide to rent an apartment, its location comes to be a very important aspect. If you have a day or two to spend in Belgrade, your apartment position will be of great help to see all in a short period. Open Belgrade map!

If you are just for a day in Belgrade, it will be wise to book an apartment close to the airport, Nikola Tesla, or in the Zemun district which is only 12 km from the airport.

For visitors planning to stay in Belgrade for two or three days, I suggest opting for apartments on the right bank of the Sava river, in Old Belgrade, inside the Stari Grad municipality.

This municipality occupies the very center of Belgrade, with the most important sights. If you have special wishes you can find your apartments close to some more landmarks inside this municipality:

1. Knez Mihajlova street

The convenience to find an apartment close to Knez Mihajlova street is to be in the center of the Belgrade shopping area.

2. Skadarlija

It is considered the Serbian capital's bohemian district, compared to Montmartre in Paris for its appearance and warm atmosphere, and welcoming. Find your apartment here!

3. Kalemegdan Fortress and Park

If you are visiting Belgrade with kids, choosing an apartment close to this must-visit or the first place to see in Belgrade, will be a clever idea.

4. Dorcol

Dorcol is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, located in the municipality of Stari Grad. Lies at the right bank of the Danube. It's one of the oldest neighborhoods in Belgrade. Chose an apartment there to known Dorcol's specific urban charm.

It's the smallest of all Belgrade's municipalities, but also the most densely populated. It borders Stari Grad municipality.

Vracar offers very modern and comfortable apartments. If you decide to stay here, you'll be close to the famous open green market – Kalenic Market. You can opt for apartments near two important landmarks –  Saint Sava Temple and Nikola Tesla Museum.

Its name Savski speaks clearly of its connection with the Sava river. It's also known as Royal Complex,  with the Serbo-Byzantine-style Royal Palace and the 1937 White Palace.

On the territory of this municipality, visitors can visit a few important Belgrade landmarks such as the Savamala district, one of the most popular places to go to discover its nightlife and unique street art. Check apartment availability in Savamala!

Savski Venac offers apartments near the new and modern Belgrade Waterfront area with a splendid view over the Sava river.

Inside Savski Venac you can find apartments near  Zeleni Venac (Open Green Market), near the Museum of Yugoslavia, and House of Flower (the tomb of former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito).