Ada Ciganlija Belgrade Sea

Ada Ciganlija, commonly called Ada, is a river island turned into a peninsula. It is located on the Sava River, four kilometers from the Belgrade center.

Thanks to its central location, it is turned into a trendy recreational zone, most notable for its beaches and sports facilities.

It hosts over 100,000 visitors daily and up to 300,000 visitors over the weekend during the summer seasons. It is also known under the name Beogradsko More (Belgrade Sea).

Ada Ciganlia – The swimming Area

The Lake Sava on Ada Ciganlija is the largest swimming area in Serbia, with a 6 km long beach. The beaches of Lake Sava are well-kept and equipped with all the necessary facilities, making them one of the largest and most beautiful swimming areas in artificial lakes throughout Europe. 

For the last 6 years, Ada has received the Blue Flag award, the highest international recognition for quality in tourism, environmental protection, and safety in a swimming area.

Ada swimming area

During the bathing season, the swimming area is secured by a highly trained and fully equipped rescue service. It is not surprising that the Lake Sava, according to the official statistics, is one of the safest bathing areas in Europe.

Clean and clear water, well-kept beaches, and surrounding greenery in the city center’s immediate vicinity make the swimming area on Lake Sava unique and must-popular destinations for both locals and foreign visitors.

Ada Ciganlia outdoors activities

Ada’s main reason is so popular is the closest place to escape from the summer heat in July and August. The Lake area offers outdoor activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, kayaking, golf, cycling, and many others.

One of the most popular is cycling — the route, 11.2 km long, which runs around Lake Sava. Bicycles on Ada Ciganlija can be rented throughout the year or to bring your own. Check this Ada lake map to find three locations where you can hire a bike.

Ada Ciganlija cycling

There is a diverse offer on all three locations, including a large selection of bicycles for all age categories, a service station and riding instructors.

If you are in the mood for adventure and more adrenaline activities, on Ada lake you’ll find some like:

  • Bungee jumping is an extreme and exotic discipline that belongs to the field of adventure tourism. On Ada Ciganlija, there is one of the most beautiful but also the highest bungee jumping centers globally, with a crane height of 55m.
Bungee jumping season lasts from May to September.
  • Paintball and Laser Tag is a tactical sports game genre of extreme activity, which imitates the short contacts of fire in a limited space. The first open forest terrain on Ada Ciganlija is located about 400 meters from Ada’s main entrance. More info you can find on their website!
  • The water ski lift is a first-class tourist attraction and an unavoidable sports-recreational-entertainment complex of Belgrade. The aqua-ski complex is located on the Makish side of Ada Ciganlija and occupies about 50,000 square meters of water surface. You can make a reservation via the Aqua Ski website!
  • Adventure Park – If you crave adventure, you can find your dose of excitement in the Adventure Park on Ada Ciganlija. Adventure Park is a training ground where visitors of all ages can have fun and recreate.

Ada Ciganlija for kids

The entertainment city on the water is the world’s most famous brand in producing amusement parks on the water spreads across over 2500 square meters of water surface. The city on the water is open during the swimming season (May – September), from 10 am to 7 pm.

Ada Water City

Science Park – is a specifically organized and designed space, which houses popular science exhibits. The main goal of building such a park is to bring scientific concepts and facts closer to the visitors of the park, through play and direct experience and in an interesting way.

Science park

How to reach Ada Ciganlija Lake in Belgrade

There are several ways of reaching Ada Ciganlija Lake in Belgrade. There are numerous bus line stops right next to the lake. By choosing one of these lines, you will have to walk for about a hundred meters before reaching the lake.

Note that this is the very beginning of the lake from where you can choose to visit either side of the lake or even dare to walk around the whole lake.

However, if you find yourself in the Blok 70 (city block/district of New Belgrade), you may also choose to take one of the water bus lines that will take you to the Ada Ciganlija Island, across the River Sava.

In case you plan to visit this lake by car, keep in mind that there is large parking right next to the lake. Bus lines: 55, 56, 56L, 87, 89, 91, 511, 551, 552, 553.


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