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5 Reasons to Visit Serbia

5 reasons to visit Serbia

Nevertheless, if you’re one of those people who need some reasons to visit Serbia as your next destination just, keep on reading.

It is not surprising that Serbia has been unfairly forgotten for years. Serbia has been a highly underrated travel destination for decades.

Recently, many tourists start discovering Serbia. It’s capital, Belgrade, is the main target for many first time visitors.  

What is serbia known for? I have read a lot of articles and opinions about this. But, I don’t agree with some top things Serbia is famous for. Here is how has quoted the top 10 things Serbia is famous for.

Five reasons to visit Serbia

Before you decide to visit Serbia, here are some important facts you should know about it!

I’ve been asked many times – Is Belgrade safe? I am convinced it’s safer then many European cities.

What amazes me, is that many people have no idea about this  little  country in the Balkans. Many foreigners (particularly Americans) mix Serbia with Siberia!

If you are coming for the first time in Belgrade, here you will learn everything you need to have a perfect time in Belgrade. Find out about visas, currency, language, sim cards and many more…….

Here are my personal reasons, you should add Serbia on your travel bucket list:

1.Serbian hospitality

Hospitality seems to be a native feature of the Serbian people. Heartiness is the main attribute of your hosts. 

It will be the first impression that guarantees you’re going to feel good.  A welcome greeting is a common manner in Serbia.

Sometimes it’s so spontaneous that many quests are surprised by the warm and vigorous welcome. It may seem above any expectations but it strongly remains in visitors’ memory.

If you have a friend in Serbia, don’t be surprised when you meet him/her, you’ll get kissed three times, not two. Three kisses are part of Serbian culture and tradition that rarely anyone forgets.

It’s useful to remember that Serbian use traditional greetings like ‘dobrodosli’ (Welcome) and ‘ Živeli’ (Cheers).

2.Budget friendly

Another positive side of visiting  Serbia is that you won’t have to worry about your budget. Reasonable food, beverages and services prices,  put Serbia on the top of the list of affordable European destinations.

Low museums tickets prices, low costs of manifestations and other tourist attractions, gives more space for you to relax. You’ll have more time explore and enjoy all that Serbia has to offer.

Low-cost travel arrangements, reasonably priced travel packages, are the best occasions to explore Serbia. Discover this 7-day tour package that includes 10 destinations in Serbia, for less than 50 € per day.

3.Gourmet paradise

When visiting Belgrade for the first time, the question ‘what is food in Belgrade’ will be an important part of your travel experience.

Food in Belgrade

Discover why food is and always has been an important part of culture. The holiday season is usually the time when we relax, stop counting calories and start enjoying the magic of food.

4, undiscovered beauty

Some attractions in Belgrade like Kalemegdan park or Skadarlija are well known. 

If you’re searching for some off the beaten locations, almost hidden places then you’ll definitely have to visits a lot of places in Serbia!

There are hundreds  of natural, cultural and historical assets all across the country that are not overcrowded by tourists.

Lazars Canyon
Photo -

Visiting them they will overwhelm you with their beauty and splendor. Here are some amazing places in Serbia you’ve probably never heard of.

Visit Serbia Devils Town
Photo -

Whether you visit the Serbia’s medieval monasteries, explore the captivating mountains, rivers, canyons, spas, caves or ethno villages, one thing is certain, you will not be disappointed.

Visit Serbia Drina Canyon
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Arm yourself with maps, a camera, some good vibes and the pioneering spirit and your adventure  holidays can begin.

5.Good time

Are you a fan of a good night out?  If your answer is yes, visiting Serbia, you won’t be bored.

Serbia  nightlife is often compared to the best western Europe has to offer. This is how the introduction to tourists most often begins.

Some of the most famous European festivals take place over Serbia. The most significant ones are: Dragacevo Trumpet Festival in Guca, EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, Beer Fest in Belgrade and Nišville Jazz Festival in Nis.


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