Why You Should Visit Belgrade

Kralj gate at Kalemegdan fortress
Romantic entrance to King Gate, Kralj kapija at Kalemegdan

Why you should visit Belgrade  for the first time? Many people coming in this city for the first time, simply don’t know what to expect of Belgrade and Serbia. 

Prejudices are the last to die. Who better than Belgrade and Serbia know what this word means. Their reputation as being the Balkan ‘bad boys’, still unjustly characterize their image. In fact, many things about Belgrade and Serbia will positively surprise you.

Many Western tourists (particularly those oversea) don’t know too much about Belgrade and Serbia. It’s amazing that many people have no idea where is Serbia, mixing Serbia with Siberia.

It’s quite normal that visiting a new city or a new country we all need to find a good reason ‘why should I visit it’. Here are few reasons why you should visit Belgrade and Serbia:

Reasons you should visit Belgrade

  • CORDIALITY – First and perhaps most important reason are Belgraders themselves. Belgraders are friendly and sociable.
  • PEOPLE – Nice looking people. Girls are like angels, handsome and almost no low men. There are almost no obese people on the street.
  • FOOD is meat based. Serbia is a country where low-fat imprints are almost non-existent. Belgrade is a paradise for fast street food lovers.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICES – Prices are more than favorable for western pockets. In Belgrade  you can have fun like in Paris with a budget you bring to Bangkok.
  • NIGHTLIFE PARTY UNTIL DAWN – the nightlife is considered one of the most important items. Just for nightlife Belgrade has 4 special districts with over 50 clubs and bars.
  • BELGRADE IS A CITY OF FUTURE – fast urban renewal development project.
  • BELGRADE STREET ARTBelgrade’s street art is everywhere. All of the various styles, mediums, and intentions blend together, helping give Belgrade the cosmopolitan, vibrant feel that reigns over the city.


Come to Belgrade as a friend and you’ll be treated as a guest. Your first impression about Belgrade will be Belgraders positive vibe. Belgraders are friendly and sociable.

People in Belgrade, in particular younger generation doesn’t have any prejudice towards foreigners. Don’t be surprised if you make a friendship already on your first day.

Everyone will gladly help you find your way around. And, don’t worry if you don’t know a word of Serbian. If you speak English than you’ll be incredibly impressed about population who speak English as well as a 2nd language.

Surely, the older people don’t speak English at all. But most people under 35 with at least a high school education (those are over 90 %),  speak fluent English.

Visit Belgrade impression

Impression of Belgrade, Serbia

We didn’t know what to expect of Belgrade, Serbia. Flying back from Japan we chose to stop as it was the only country in the ex-Yugoslavia we hadn’t visited.


Serbian men and women are both very attractive. But girls are unbelievably good looking. On your arrival in Belgrade you’ll notice that Serbians are perhaps the most charming nation amongst ex Yugoslavia countries.

Both Serbian men and women are  among the tallest nations on the old continent. Men and women astonish with slim bodies usually above 180cm for men while women are between 165 to 175.

Serbian women are good looking

Serbian women are sexy. Before you come to Belgrade, I suggest exercising your neck, as you will be constantly turning for beautiful women.

Serbian women are very sexy, tall, thin, dark hair, with nice face lines, long legs, but mostly with smaller breasts. If you decide to date Belgrade girl, follow this advices on this article.   


When visiting Belgrade for the first time, the question ‘what is food in Belgrade’ will be an important part of your travel experience.

In spite of the fact that in Serbian cuisine, meat stands as the most important ingredient. you won’t regret if you try some of their traditional meat dishes. Belgrade is a city where it is quite impossible to stay hungry.

Serbia grilled meat platter
Typical Serbian mixed grilled meat platter!

There is so many bakeries, kiosks, eateries, restaurants and street fast food joints everywhere. Meat is of superior quality in Belgrade. Grilled meat ((mixture of pork, beef or a lamb) is served in all restaurants.

I’ll be honest with you as Belgrade isn’t  the friendliest  city for vegetarians. For vegans  is even more complicated. It’s quite comprehensible since meat occupies the most important place in majority of the national dishes.

In spite of that, things are changing for the better. In the meantime, more and more restaurants offer food for vegans and vegetarians. 


Visiting Belgrade won’t cost you too much. Belgrade is a budget friendly city in Europe. When it comes to finding the best value overall, Belgrade is a destination to consider. 

It fact is that your stay in Belgrade won’t cost you too much. Even accommodation has reasonable prices. For instance, apartment rentals are the most convenient. 

Belgrade City Centre is a top pick among travelers, looking for apartment rentals. For example, two-bedroom luxury apartments in very center for 4 person in November 2019 (weekend) per two nights costs less than 13 Euro per person.

For diner in one of the most popular districts – Skadarlija (Two Deer Restaurant) for two it won’t cost a fortune. For a menu of two starters and two main meals including a bottle of good local wine, you won’t pay more than  20 to 25 Euros per person. 

Two deer - Dva Jelena Skadarlija
Three hats (Tri Sesira) Skadarlija

For more info about daily costs you will face up to, visit money in Serbia and travel cost tips page.


People of Belgrade know how to have fun. Everyone is ready to party. In Belgrade, every night is Friday night. Even in 1999 when NATO started bombing Belgrade and Serbia, locals never stopped partying. 

After 20 years, according to ‘Lonely planet’, Belgrade is the city with the best nightlife. What can’t be found in other European capitals, certainly you can find in Belgrade. It’s a city that never sleeps.  Not even Ibiza is on par.

Freestyler Best Belgrade Night Club

How did Belgrade become the world’s nightlife capital? During the ’90s, Serbia went through the tough time in its recent history. The disintegration of Yugoslavia, civil war, UN sanctions, hyperinflation, and high unemployment made sure that the only entertainment become a kind of relief.

Something changed in people’s minds and despite all the difficulties of living, the local nightlife industry started booming.  But in Belgrade nightlife gets the artistic aspect.

It’s the only place in the world where two rivers banks has been transformed from places for relaxation into true attraction. They became one of the things that must not be missed when you’re visiting  Belgrade.

The famous ‘splavs’ (floating river clubs) as discos on water, became so popular that no translation is needed. It’s the main reason why you should visit Belgrade!

Belgrade is a city of future

Belgrade future waterfront

In recent years, many companies are investing in Serbia and Belgrade. One of them is Eagle Hills, a company based in Abu Dhabi with a heavy investments in improving the appearance of Belgrade’s waterfront.

Around €3.5 billion will be invested by the Serbian government and their Emirati partners. Various initiatives have been proposed over the years to bring the city down to its waterfront. 

Scale model of Belgrade waterfront
Scale model of the Belgrade Waterfront project. Image: Wade Shepard.

The main intention is to create a new social and commercial focal point, stimulate the local economy. But at same time to develop a centrally located area that was being neglected.

Street art for the nicer face of the capital

Belgrade has been flooded in recent years by masters of graffiti and murals paint facades. The last decade has been dominated by works by designers, architects, painters in an anonymous street art format.

In response to some ugly and Brutalist architecture of socialist era, picturesque works of art on Belgrade walls – graffiti and murals, the new street art in Belgrade was born.

The street art has become part of the modern art movement. Visiting Belgrade, you can take part of some interesting walking tours with an art historian guide. 

It’s an unique opportunity to see less known areas and art street examples in some Belgrade districts, like Dorcol and Savamala.

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