What Is The Weather in Belgrade

We all know that climatic conditions influence destination choice. To know what is the weather in Belgrade in advance, will help a lot when deciding to visit Belgrade Serbia. 

According  historical climate data and some average weather facts will be useful to decide when is the best time of year to go to Belgrade in Serbia. Before we examine the average weather by month, here are some general features of climate in Serbia. 

Serbia’s climate is moderately continental, with more or less marked local characteristics and a gradual changes between seasons. The weather and climate of Serbia is significantly influenced by close geographical areas such as the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea , the Pannonian plain and the Morava river valley. 

The average annual air temperature in Serbia is varies from 3°C to 10,9 °C depending on sea level altitude. Autumn is warmer than spring. The coldest month is January and July is the warmest month. The wettest month is June and the minimum rainfall have February and October.

What is the weather in Belgrade?

Here are some average weather facts in Belgrade throughout the year by months and seasons. These facts are exclusively based on historical climate data and my personal experience.

Monthly minimum and maximum daily temperature in Belgrade
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Sunniest period in Belgrade

Do you like sun? If you decide to visit Belgrade during the month of September you can expect to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that vary between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F).

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Rainiest period in Belgrade

The months May and June have a high probability of rainfall. If you don't like rain, skip to visit Belgrade in June that appears to be the wettest month. Instead, tip on October. It results to be the driest month.

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Hottest period in Belgrade

The warmest months are July and August. The highest officially verified temperature in Belgrade was 43.1° C (110° F) on 24 July 2007.

07:0117:44 CEST
Feels like: 54°F
Wind: 7mph E
Humidity: 61%
Pressure: 30.35"Hg
UV index: 3
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The coldest period in Belgrade

The coldest month is January with an average monthly temperature about 0° C. Belgrade has lower winter months temperature of average – 0,4 °C due to its marked urban impacts. But sometimes like in January 2017 the temperature fell on 15 degrees below zero.

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The snowest period in Belgrade

Snow is quite normal for winter months. It can happen to snow even in December but snow chance is more probable in January through February. But even in March snow is not a big surprise.

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Wind in Belgrade

Wind in Belgrade is a normal atmospheric phenomenon but Belgrade Wind - called Košava blows here and nowhere else. It's a cold wind and once the temperature drops below 10 C, you feel košava wind on your skin, in your hair, and in your bones. Read more about this Balkan exclusive wind!

Flood in Belgrade on June 24 2019
Flood in Belgrade on June 24 2019