Turkey And Serbia: Erdogan’s Few Friends

Turkey and Serbia

Serbia and Turkey has become new friends. At first glance, it is not strange that states make friends with each other. 

In the case of these two, there is something wrong. Returning to the past, Turks were the worst enemies of Serbia. Nobody can forget 500 years under Turkish occupation.  Not to mention all the suffering of the Serbian people.

Skull Tower Nis, Serbia
Skull Tower in Nis - originally contained 952 skulls of Serbian rebels ordered by Turks

There are two famous quotes when talking about history:

  • History is the teacher of life.
  • Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

Unfortunately, history is not always the teacher of life. Especially for politicians, it has never been. Otherwise how to justify this picture. I would call it ‘the friendship of the dictators’.

I could not believe with my eyes, to see Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić, being photographed with Turkish dictator and his wife on Kalemegdan fortress. 

Inviting this dictator on holly land of Kalemegdan, has no justification. Not even if he came to honor the victory against the Ottoman Empire during the siege of Belgrade in 1456.

Turkey and Serbia - every bird flies its flock

This title has nothing to do with Serbs. They neither love Turkey nor will ever love them. It refers to their actual presidents.

Both are dictators. One worse than the other. There is a tight resemblance between democracy and dictatorship in both countries.

Both, Erdogan and Vučić have implemented actions against the press freedom in their countries. In Turkey, from 2016 to today 1539 lawyers as the opponents of the Erdogan regime have been arrested.

In Turkey, according Erdogan, women cannot have maternity rights, abortion is in fact considered a crime. Homosexuals have no rights. Last example was “Gay Pride” demonstration, interrupted by force. 

In Serbia, the situation is not better. Aleksandar Vučić says, in Serbia there is no dictatorship.  He ignores the opposition and protesters who for weeks took to the streets in Belgrade to protest against the government’s policy.

Demonstration against Serbian government
Demonstrations against government in Belgrade on December 29, 2018

Today’s government in Serbia, as in the times of Milosevic, uses the same methods.  It consists in dividing city and countryside using the old motto – divide and rule.

Vučić is very good at putting the Serbs against each other. It’s the worst thing that one president does for Serbia.

Without international support it will be difficult to change this situation. On the other hand Washington and Brussels continue to support the president. And this is the same man who declared that for every Serb killed we will kill a hundred Muslims’.  It was 1995 but he is still today, the current Serbian PM. 

I let you conclude on your own, why Western democracies support this policy, only because of  international and regional balances.

In conclusion, will Serbia ever enter the EU? With this government and this president, it’s hard to believe. I only know that Serbia doesn’t deserve this. 

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