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Smoking In Serbia Still Waiting To Be Banned

Smoking Yes And No

I’ve read somewhere that one third of population is smoking in Serbia. It doesn’t surprise me that much. Smokers you can see  everywhere.

Moreover, smoking habits in Belgrade are the same. It is also amazing that in the capital, women smoke more and more. Every third resident in Serbia over the age of 15 smokes!

Smoking or not, is a private matter of every individual. The question is, where you are allowed to smoke? It seems that in Serbia, you can smoke almost everywhere.

When smoking in Serbia will be banned from public places?

In spite of law introduced in 2010 on the protection from public exposure to tobacco, nothing has changed significantly. Unfortunately, this low did not introduce mandatory ban of smoking in public places.

The weakness of this law particularly reflects the restaurants. The restaurant owners has the choice to choose whether or not to have a non-smoking area. 

Smoking in Serbia restaurants

The law forces only restaurants larger than 80 square meters to ban the smoking entirely. Smaller restaurants have to introduce the non smoking area. 

The problem is that the most of these restaurants and bars, have no space to separate the smoking and non-smoking areas. The only difference is that non-smokers can choose tables without an ashtray.

Although, this post refers to smoking in Serbia, the situation in Belgrade isn’t better. Read more when Serbian authorities plan to introduce a full ban on smoking indoors!


Would you like to find a quiet place, chatting with friends or just sipping your coffee in a place without any cigarettes lit next to you?

In Belgrade that can be quite hard to find, however Food Tour team did their best to list some of the restaurants, bars and cafés for non-smokers.

Belgrade has only some of restaurants where the whole place is non-smoking. Even in famous bohemian Skadarlija street, most restaurants have only non-smoking section. 

Map of Belgrade non-smoking bars&restaurants

If you are a non-smoker, above all the below map will help you find restaurants and bar where smoking won’t be allowed.

In fact, on the map you’ll find two types of restaurants and bars. The first one are those where smoking isn’t allowed at all. The second group makes those with well separated non-smoking areas.

Since, coffee and cigarettes are a pillar in Belgrade and in Serbia, many bar owners think that smoking ban is not good for their business. 

Smoking ban in Serbia

Serbia must ban smoking in public if it wants to be in the EU! Everything done so far is not enough!


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