Skadarlija Bohemian Street

Skaralija cobbled street

Skadarlija bohemian street is Belgrade’s Montmartre. The venue you shouldn’t miss. This Belgrade’s bohemian neighborhood, was and remains one of the most popular places to go.

It was often visited by actors, writers, and painters in the late 19th century. Cafes and restaurants in this street where the places where artists wrote their novels, books and poems.

Djura Jaksic house in Skadarlija street N°34
Djura Jaksic, painter and poet house - Skadarlija n° 34

Some of artist even lived there. One them like Djura Jaksic, the famous Serbian artist (painter and poet) had a house in Skadarlija street.

He moved with his family there in 1872. In his honor, the city authorities renamed this quarter from the Gypsy Mahala to Skadarska Street.

Today this street is the center of cultural events. With its unique bohemian charm, it has kept the spirit of old Belgrade to this day. It’s the street with traditional restaurants and cafes.

Where is Skadarlija street?

Regardless , how long you are going to stay in Belgrade, this street is easy to find. In fact, it’s located only 300 meters from the Republic Square. If you have just a day in Belgrade, after Belgrade fortress, you can finish your day in this street.

To make it as easy as possible to find it, it’s located near Belgrade National Theatre, down Francuska street (Franch) and turning on the right to Bulevar Despota Stefana street. You won’t get lost if you check this map!

Skadarlija – top gourmet place

Today, Skadarlija street is not only beautiful and rich with old-fashioned spirit, but also the home of some of Belgrade’s most famous kafana (taverns) and restaurants. Gourmets will surely enjoy dining at one of these restaurants.

Meat dishes are the best choice on their menu. I suggest to order famous mixed grilled plateau for two person as you won’t be able to make at home on your own.

If you add some ajvar, kajmak and the indispensable urnebes or shopska salad than gourmet delight will be complete. In the end, even the bill won’t be shocking either. Belgrade is rather cheap!

In the morning, at the beginning of this cobbled street, you will come across a couple of cafes and bars where you can have your morning coffee. Here you will always find a newspaper, espresso you want or homemade turkey coffee.

One of the most popular places to drink coffee is the Familia café bar. On weekends, you can have coffee in the Red Bar garden, while for breakfast choose the Mali Vrabac (Little Sparrow) garden

Best Skadarlija restaurants and taverns

A true Bohemian story lives in every corner of this street. Each of these taverns are unique in their own way. Even their names outline the special charm of this unique street.

Dva Jelena (Two Deer)

Dva Jelena (Two deer)

One of the oldest restaurants, founded in 1832. In addition to its long tradition, it also holds the title of the largest national cuisine restaurant, with a capacity of up to 450 seats . It’s always crowded, so reservation is required. The live music is always present there.

Three hets restaurant in Skadarlija street

Tri Sesira (Three hats)

Another trademark name in Skadarlija. It was opened in 1864 at a house where previously was a small hats workshop. Restaurant has 184 seats and an additional 80 in the garden. It’s the best place for traditional grilled specialties. Live tambourines are waiting for you every night.

Ima Dana (There are Days) restaurant

Ima Dana (There are days)

This restaurant is located in n°38 in Skadarska street. This restaurant was a gathering place of some famous poets like (Tin Ujevic). Its interior was decorated by bohemian and academic painter Mario Maskareli. The sounds of traditional city music can be heard every night.

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What others say about Skadarlija

Belgrade Tales – Skadarlija – Be a bohem for a night. It’s time to get in touch with your bohemian side and do the things, what we say in Serbian language, for your soul.

Belgrade Skadarlija – from a bohemian quarter to an ethnic-style attraction. It’s a trademark symbol of the city. A small treasury of dreams which 20,000 people visit every day