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Raspberries in Serbia

According to data from the World Raspberry Organization, Serbia raspberry has reached 80.00 tonnes of production. Consequently, Serbia has become the world leader in raspberries export before USA , followed by Poland.

It’s well-known that Serbia has a fertile soil, good for many cultivations and fruits, but one became the principal among all the others. It all started, thirty years ago when local farmers decided to give a try to this delicious red fruit.

In addition to fertile soil, ideal climate conditions  has contributed that Serbia became the  N°1  in the world production of raspberries by country.

Where to find raspberries?

The biggest ‘Serbian raspberry center’ is in Arilje. It is located in the southwest of Serbia. It lies  on two mountain rivers Rzav and Moravica. The population of the whole municipality is 18,725, while the town itself houses about 7,000 people. Find out how to visit Arilje, town of raspberries!

Raspberry production in this town and surrounding is growing so fast that it has become a sort of a trademark. Everything is adapted from the production and sales of the most delicious and tasty raspberries in the world.

Arilje raspberries days
Arilje Raspberries Days

Since 2012, Arilje hosts the “Days of the Raspberry” manifestation (Dani maline). This event aims at promoting the farming of this fruit, and features many contests such as the one for the sweetest raspberry cake, the most beautiful raspberry-themed souvenir.

Following Arilje’s experience, people across the country start growing raspberries and slowly the whole country turns into the land of raspberries.

Raspberry ripens in June and July when there is not enough fresh fruit on the market. Therefore, if  you happen to be in Belgrade in that period, don’t miss to try Serbian raspberries at one of many open markets in Belgrade.

Raspberries at Belgrade open markets

Unfortunately, in last few years seems that things with raspberries are getting worse and worse. Raspberry farmers are facing the big problem of too low prices, forcing many to abandon this farming.  

After 2015 considered the year of world’s largest raspberry production, many farmers started to  lose the motivation to keep producing raspberries. At this article you can read why some farmers are not so proud raspberry farmers as they use to be. 


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