Serbia is not in Russia!

Distance between Serbia and Siberia

The fact that friendship between Serbia and Russia lasts for centuries is not a secret. Perhaps it would be better to define it as a brotherhood. Not by chance, the Serbs say ‘we and Russians are six hundred million’.

But in this case, what amazes me is that many people have no idea about this  little  country in the Balkans! It’s name iz Srbija (Србија) or Serbia. Many foreigners (particularly Americans) mix Serbia with Siberia.

There is a certain resemblance in the pronunciation of SERBIA and SIBERIA. But it’s only a casual resemblance. The main difference is in a huge distance between Siberia and Serbia, not to speak in space difference.

Siberia covers an area of 4,361,800 square kilometers while Serbia only 88,361 square kilometres.

Distance between Serbia and Siberia
Serbia isn't in Russia!

Here are some interesting facts on Serbia and Siberia:

  • Population  about 8 million.
  • The capital and largest city is Belgrade with 1.6 million people.
  • Once the biggest country in former Yugoslavia.
  • Borders with Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia and Montenegro.
  • Official currency – Dinars.
  • 85% of the population is Orthodox Christian.
  • It has two autonomous regions, Kosovo and Vojvodina.
  • Kosovo is the heart of Serbia and its Orthodox religion.
  • English is compulsory in primary school and the majority of population under 30 speak fluent English.
  • In Serbia there are two alphabets, Cyrillic and Latin.
  • Cyrillic is the official alphabet.
  • Serbia is not yet a member of the EU.
  • Free medical care.
  • Best dental service in Balkan area.
  • It has a high unemployment rate – 20%.
  • Beautiful  women and handsome men.
  • Very friendly and hospitable people.
  • Yummy food mainly based on meat meals.

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