Story About Pero Milos

Ex Belgrade Resident Sharing His Love for the White City

Hi and welcome to This is  a story about me. My name is Pero Milos, a founder of this website. I was a Belgrade resident  for more than seventeen years. Now I live in Milan (Italy).  I visit  Belgrade very often where I have a lot of very beloved friends.

Pero Milos Story

Even, before I moved to Belgrade, I’ve visited this city several times. From the first moment,  I knew it was a place I wanted to live. I have never regretted I did.

In 1976, I got married and I moved to Belgrade. I settled in Zemun. It’s is one of the prettiest Belgrade’s districts. Zemun town, was a place I fell in love at first sight.

Located at the right bank of mighty Danube river, Zemun was in a way a kind of replacement for the sea, I missed very much as I was born in Split Croatia.

Zemun Danube waterside promenade
Zemun Dunavski kej - Promenade along Danube river

Luckily I received an offer to work in one reputable travel agency and travel business has become my life profession. Traveling is and was my way of living.

During my stay in Belgrade, I continually explored the city. I loved the fact that I could always find something new in this city. Every year, I nurture the love for this city.

I must say, it was the happiest period of my life. Belgrade has always been an open city, a safe and pleasant for life. Belgrade is a city where my daughter was born.

The other side of my story

Talking about me, I would be glad I did not have to mention this other side of the medal in my life. Perhaps this would not have happened  in some other  country. But if you live on Balkan always happens unpredictable events.

In 1992 after the ex Yugoslav politicians have succeeded to destroy the last trace of the former Yugoslavia and when the chauvinism has reached its maximum peak, I decided to close one page of my life and open a new one.

I moved with whole family to Italy. It was a clever decision. However, it was the only option to leave a boiling Balkan cauldron to calm down. In spite of all this tragic happenings I have never forget Belgrade and my happy moments of my life there.

Even today, when people ask me what nation I belong to, I do not hesitate to declare to feel as Yugoslavian. Yugoslavia was a country where I was born. I assure you that I am not the only one ‘Yugoslav’ nostalgic.

Perhaps, it will seem strange to you, if I tell you that I’m one of rare persons with three citizenships . If I add that I have four pensions of four different countries, it will be more embarrassing what happened during my life. I wish I could replace them all, just for one!

Running A Travel Website

I do not want to be immodest but perhaps some of you, have noticed my websites about Croatia and Split city, my hometown, I created during my second life period in Italy.

One of the questions I often get from family and friends is, “What is it like running an online travel website? Everyone wants to know if it’s possible to do it full time and how much effort I have to put into it in order to make it work.

Let me answer that for you! First of all, you need a passion and love for anything you do. This time I dedicate my love for Belgrade.

Each time we travel to a new place, we better understand the barriers when people visit a place they’ve never been to before. I use this knowledge to improve and make sure you don’t face the same challenges when you plan your trip to Belgrade.

Stay in touch

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my site. I’m also open to discuss opportunities to answer any question if you intend to undertake any kind of business in Belgrade or Serbia as well as answer questions about what you have to know before you visit White City.

Drop me a line through my Contact Me page.

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With love,

Pero Milos