Attractions In Belgrade

Kalemegdan Belgrade top attraction

There’re so much attractions  in Belgrade to see and experience. There are many tourists who are convinced that Belgrade is in shortage of things to see. 

However, I’ve compiled a list of the top Belgrade attractions to convince them they can spend days and days discovering new and thrilling things.

Make sure to check them out, as you really shouldn’t miss them!

Top Attractions In Belgrade

Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade Fortress, better known as Kalemegdan is the top Belgrade sights. It’s the  place not to be missed. Historic, must-see place in Belgrade. Beautiful to walk with family and enjoy an amazing view over the two rivers confluence. 

Kalemegdan fortress entrance
Fortress Entrance

Belgrade Landmarks

Belgrade has few top  sights that make this city famous for.  Some illustrate top sites with panoramic views (Avala tower), some architecture achievements (Bridge over Ada), Statue of Victory or Question Mark (?) the oldest restaurant (kafana) and many more….

Avala hill near Belgrade
Mount Avala

Belgrade Museums

Belgrade museums exhibit  the rich cultural, natural and technological heritage of Belgrade, Serbia, and Ex Yugoslavia. Some of them make a distinction by their peculiarities and importance. Few bring to life memories of some important celebrities.

National Museum of Serbia Belgrade
National Museum of Serbia
Static map of Belgrade Museums


The city of Belgrade is divided into 17 city neighborhoods . Each of them with its different spirit. Start from Old City area to historical Dorcol neighbourhood or Skadarlija, a former bohemian quarter. Than, jump to Savamala, Vracar, Topcider. At the end finish with Zemun and New Belgrade.

Zemun district
Zemun district

Top Attractions and Belgrade Neighborhoods

Take only one tour packed with all the highlights of Belgrade of Old and New Belgrade including neighborhoods of Zemun, Dednje and Avala.

Belgrade Churches

Belgrade is the city with the largest number of churches and places of worship. There are temples of all religions in the city, most of them Christian. Manly are Orthodox churches, following by Roman Catholic. Belgrade has also a mosque, the only one left…..

Saint Sava temple
Temple of Saint Sava

Belgrade parks

With 65 public parks, there is no shortage of green areas in Belgrade. They offer right spots to run away from traffic jams and summer heat. Belgrade is a very green city. There are a lot of places for all who would love to enjoy in the nature. 

Tasmajdan Park

Open Markets

Belgrade is one of the few cities in Europe with over 30 operating green-markets where you can buy fresh local products daily all year round. These markets are vibrant places where you can buy everything  what the fertile soil of Serbia can offer.

Zeleni Venac Open Market
Zeleni Venac Open Market

Attractions for Kids

Belgrade was always a family friendly city. Children are welcome everywhere. Belgrade offers a lot of places for kids from Belgrade fortress, museums, Belgrade Zoo, Ada –  sprawling recreational area, amusement parks. Belgrade offers also some friendly family with children restaurants. 

Belgrade Dreamland for kids
Dreamland For Kids