Money In Serbia And Travel Cost

What is the money in Serbia and how much does it cost to travel there? What are daily costs to visit Belgrade? These are frequently questions people usually ask before they decide to visit Serbia and Belgrade.

First of all, to answer these questions, let’s see what is the cost of living in Serbia and in Belgrade. Serbia isn’t as cheap as it once was but it is still far to be expensive comparing with other European capitals.

If you travel around Serbia, Belgrade seems to be, a bit more expensive than the rest of the country. Novi Sad and Subotica are slightly cheaper. The towns in the southern part like Kragijevac, Kraljevo, Cacak, Pristina or Nis. tend to be the cheapest in Serbia.

According Numbeo, Belgrade has a cost of living index of 40.01 and takes 262 position. Although, Belgrade seems rather cheap city, it will be more helpful to have price trends in Belgrade from someone who lives there. Here you’ll get practical and real costs of food, hotels, transport or about beer, nightclub fees and so on.

Money in Serbia and Forms Of Payment

Official money in Serbia is Serbian Dinar. Forms of payment are cash (in Dinars) and credit cards. All major credit cards like Master Card, Visa, Euro Card, Diners Club are widely accepted all over Serbia and Belgrade. From my experience, the first two are more preferred.

If you are in Belgrade for the first time, bring Euros, US Dollar or British Pound. For these  currencies exchange rate are more favorable. For currencies like  Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish krona, you’ll get lower exchange rates.

Money in Serbia Euros, US Dollar and British Pound well excepted currency

Don’t forget to have small  banknotes you can change in Dinars (particularly in you are flying I Belgrade). It will be helpful to pay for a cab, for a sandwich, and generally when paying small bills. Take note these tips if you are first time visitor!

Emergency numbers for cardholders:
  • Visa: (011) 301-15-50
  • MasterCard: (011) 301-01-60
  • Diners Club: (011) 344-06-22

The best place to Exchange money in Serbia

There are countless exchange offices all over Belgrade. Exchange offices (Mjenjačnica) are clearly labelled. Best place to exchange your money to Dinars in Belgrade is in Knez Mihajlova street (pedestrian zone around Republic Square).

Sign of official exchange offices in Belgrade

Official exchange offices

My advice is to look for official exchange offices. Rates offered there (Mjenjačnica) are generally better than those available in the banks, hotels or on Airport. Private banks and exchange offices are free to set their own rates, but they must clearly display exchange rate. Look for the sign of official exchange offices at the left.

Daily Costs In Belgrade

Hotels are not expensive in Belgrade. Most hotels are located in Old Belgrade district. Some very nice and comfortable hotels you can find in New Belgrade. All hotels are classified by stars from 2 to 5.

5 stars hotels – Nice 5 stars hotel in the center costs from 110 Euro to 250 Euro (Square Nine Hotel Belgrade). Hotel Hyatt Regency 5 stars in New Belgrade costs from 160 Euro per night.

4 stars hotels –  in the city center cost around 70 – 140 Euro per day. If you want good 3 star hotel in Belgrade Old Town, price goes from  37 – 60 Euro per day. Top offer – Hotel Moskva!

Hostels – Belgrade has a lot of cheap budget hostel. Prices start from 8 to 20 Euro but usually offer accommodation in a shared dorm rooms. To stay in a single/double room the price goes up to 30/40 Euro.

Apartments rental – If you want to save than apartments are the best solution. Rental price is for a unit not per person. Prices go from 30 to 60 Euro.

Belgrade Transportation Prices

When planing your budget money in Serbia, local transportation expenses will be the last thing to consider. Transportation is very cheap. Belgrade city transportation is rather chaotic but still using it you will reach any corner of the White City. 

New Belgrade and Zemun districts are covered by very frequent public bus service. On contrary the Old Belgrade uses buses, trams and trolleybuses.

Cheap tram transportation in Belgrade

All means of public transport use the same ticket. Ordinary single 90 minutes ticket costs 90 Dinars. One day ticket costs 250 Dinars, three days ticket 700 and for five day ticket you have to pay 1000 Dinars. Find out more about local transportation in Belgrade.

Breakfast prices in Belgrade

Is breakfast important meal for you? If yes, don’t worry as breakfast is the cheapest meal money in Serbia can buy. Ordinary breakfast in one of bars including coffee with fresh croissants or ham and eggs will cost you from 3 to 4 Euro (350 to 450 Dinars).

But, there is even cheaper option that most of local practice in the morning. Just go for breakfast in local bakery (Pekara in Serbian). They offer burek (a kind of filled pastries) with cheese or  with meat and yogurt. It will cost you 2 or 3 Euro.



food and drinks prices (local shops)

Local shops are everywhere. Even in the outermost city ares, you’ll always find one. Prices there are rather low and food quality is reliable. 

Basic food like bread and milk are really very cheap. A loaf of fresh white bread (500 grams) is 50 Dinars and regular milk (one bottle 1 liter) costs less than 100 Dinars.

For 1 kg of rice you will pay around 150 Dinars, while for a box of fresh 12 pieces of eggs you need around  Dinars. Meat is slightly more expensive but for 1 kg of chicken breast you’ll pay 530 Dinars, and for 1 kg of beef prepare 790 Dinars

Fruits and vegetables have also moderate prices but I suggest to buy them at open markets where they cost even less. For example, 1 kg of apples you need only 85 Dinars, banana costs for 1 kg 120 Dinars, oranges 118 Dinars.

Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, onion or lettuce (1 head) goes from 47 to 135 Dinars. Drinks like 1,5 litre of  mineral water costs around 50 Dinars, for domestic  beer (0,5 litre in bottle) you need 70 Dinars and imported beer 130. Bottle of wine 1 litre is  460 Dinars.

If you smoke (in Serbia everybody smoke) for 20 cigarettes of Marlboro you should pay 320 Dinars.

Lunch/Diner - Prices in Belgrade restaurants

Even this component, won’t hurt your budget of  money in Serbia. When it comes to eat, Serbian food is delicious, but it’s exclusively meat oriented. 

Serbia is not a great place to travel for vegetarians and vegan. In Belgrade things change but still vegan food is a bit hard to find. For food on the go lovers, things are incomparably better.

You can find a cheap bite, everywhere in the city. Popular ‘Sarajvski čavapčići’ you can flavor for less than  260 Din (less than 2,5 Euro). Popular expression ‘deset sa lukom’ (ten with onions) is something you should try. 

Cavapcici 10 meat balls with onion

10 small meat balls (beef and pork meat) served with bacon, cheese, onion, red peppers, inside ‘lepinja’ (Flatbread ) is typical barbecue yummy delicates. And all, for little more than 400 Din. Quite enough to feel full.

At the end, if you want to finish with some deserts than famous ‘Palačinke’ (pancakes) are for you. Palacinke cost from 160 to 210 Din depending on what kind of topping you chose. You can decide on forest fruit, caramel, chocolate, whipped cream or jam.

Restaurant prices vary. It depends where is the restaurant. Downtown restaurant costs more, in particular in Skadarlija district (Belgrade’s Montmartre street).    

A meal in an inexpensive restaurant starts from 700 Dinars, but I know places where I eat my favorite Serbian dish ‘Srpski prebranac sa kobasicom‘ ( Serbian beans with sausage) for 500 Dinars).                     

Meal for 2 in mid-range restaurant costs from 3500 Dinars while meals for two person in first class restaurant, reaches up to 9000 to 12000 Dinars.