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Is Belgrade safe for tourists?


I’ve been asked many times – Is Belgrade safe? I am convinced it’s safer then many European cities. Comparing it with cities like Paris, London or what’s worse with Naples, Rome or Milan than Belgrade is the safest city in Eastern Europe.

Even now, at a time when many Asian refugees are going across Serbia to reach the promised countries (Western Europe), security is by no means compromised.

Due to high transit flow of refugees through Belgrade, conflicts between migrants can happen, cases of stabbing are known. If possible, try to stay away from these situations.

Belgrade and Serbia have their problems of different kind but safety isn’t one of them. Let me remind you of some helpful tips:

How safe is Belgrade and Serbia?

Belgrade is a safe city. However, like in any other capital in the world, it’s advisable to follow basic safety precautions.

Overall risk for tourists in Belgrade is low. Belgrade has a low level of street crime, but pick-pocketing and bag-snatch do happen, and of course, tourists are main targets.

Serbia is relatively safe for women travelers. The physical attack are rare and almost doesn’t exist, though you should be aware of some surrounding iin Belgrade (avoid ‘Splav’ – floating discos alone) and use common sense.

Is Belgrade safe in all districts?

There are no particularly dangerous zones in Belgrade. Pick-pocketing is the main danger. Be particularly careful in some central zones like in ‘Kneza Mihajlova’ pedestrian street.  

Be attentive and keep an eye on your belongings all the time, as in this zone operates the gypsy (Rom). Specifically, gypsy women are to be afraid of. Don’t let their kindness fool you.

If you decide to visit some sports events particularly football, be especially precautious. During local clubs matches between Red Star and Partizan, disorders happen very often.

In conclusion, Belgrade is rather safe city. Locals are very friendly people and if you come as a friend, you won’t meet a single safety danger from anyone. 


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