Belgrade Airport Transfer Tips

If you are flying to Belgrade, your first problem will be, how to use Belgrade airport transfer to city downtown or to any other Belgrade quarter.

In some other European capitals, finding the quickest way to reach your downtown hotel sometimes isn’t so simple. In case of Belgrade airport ‘Nikola Tesla’, this is generally an easy task.

Let’s see why this transfer seems to be so easy to achieve? One of the reasons,  is relative vicinity of Nikola Tesla airport. It’s about 18 to 25 km from the farthest part of the city. Zemun as the western neighborhood of Belgrade is only from 12 to 14 km from the airport.

Another advantage of Belgrade airport is an easy accessibility. It’s connected to main highway route E 70 that leads directly to New Belgrade and Old city downtown. Read more about most important Belgrade city districts!

Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla
Belgrade Airport Departure Hall

Best Way to use Belgrade Airport transfer

There are several options how to get to/from Belgrade airport. Which option you will chose, it’s up to you and your goal of your visit.  Some means of transfer tend to be more convenient, as for example, if one wants to arrive only in the city center. (Slavija Square, Zeleni Venac)

Some options are more faster then the others. On the other hand, some are much more cheaper. Let’s see together all about the available services from/to Belgrade Airport:

Bus service from/to Belgrade airport

Bus service is the cheapest way to get from airport to the city center. It’s convenient for visitors who are already familiar and know the central areas of the city. I recommend two bus services: 

A1 Minibus – Mini buses run from Belgrade airport to and back from Slavija Square. All vehicle are fully equipped and modern. It’s a fast and reliable method of transportation. Travel time is about 30 minutes.  From airport starts outside arrivals hall and from Slavija Square  in front of Slavia Garni hotel.

One way ticket cost 300 Dinars (approximately 3 € or 4 $). It is purchased in the bus.

Bus Route 72 – This is a bus line N° 72 that keeps connection between Belgrade airport and Zeleni Venac (bus stop few steps from Terazije Square). It’s rather slow connection considering travel time of 40 minutes.

It’s the cheapest way of Belgrade airport transfer. One way ticket costs less then 1 Euro (80 Dinars). If you buy ticket in the bus, you’ll pay 150 Dinars. Departure point is outside arrivals hall.

Belgrade Airport Taxi transfers

For travelers visiting Belgrade for the first time and those knowing exactly where they are going (hotel name or street name), taxi service is the best solution.  Taxi is quite cheap.

This conclusion is based on by personal experience when not so long ago, taxi service was a real nightmare. It wasn’t the price question but taxi service functioning.  Actually, customers did not look for taxi, but were chased by taxi drivers. There were more taxi drivers than real customers.

Luckily, things went back to normal procedure and today, taking a taxi is the most normal thing. To stay away from  scams and to guarantee your safety, just follow these useful tips.

Taxi transfer tips

After you have landed at Belgrade airport and after you have hurried up border formalities, the first thing you should exchange small amount of money in RSD (Serbian Dinars). If you are not familiar with local money, take a moment to read about money in Serbia and travel cost.

Exchange banknotes of 20 Euro, 20 USA $  or 20 GBP at small exchange office before you pass custom officers. It’s located on the right side of baggage claim area.

Passing custom inspection area, you will enter in arrival area. Here on the right, search for taxi info desk. At the desk, give to the staff (usually one or two officials) the address you are going in Belgrade (hotel or apartment). There is no need to give them your name or any personal date.

In return you’ll get a kind of voucher where the zone of Belgrade will be indicated. For example , Zone 1 or Zone 2. with amount of Dinars you have to pay for taxi. Don’t pay to them!    

Exit the arrival area and cross the narrow road where you’ll notice taxis standing in the row. Pick up the first in the row (don’t try to select taxis unless it’s too small for you or your friends – price is for up to three person). Show the voucher to the taxi driver and your taxi Belgrade airport transfer is on  the way.

Please, bear in mind that fares in Belgrade Airport are established by zones, having 3 main fares zones in total. Zone 1: 1.400 Serbian Dinar (€14.00) Zone 2: 1.800 Serbian Dinar (€18.00) Zone 3: 2.200 Serbian Dinar (€22.00) See the zones map below!

Belgrade taxi fares zones map with 3 main zones
Airport Private Transfer

Best Belgrade airport transfer

Take the worry out of your arrival or departure from Belgrade Airport, and skip the long lines for taxis with a pre-booked transfer. Transfer to any address in the city center in air-conditioned comfort, whatever time of day or night your flight arrives.


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