Hotel Moskva – Belgrade landmark

Hotel Moskva Terazije

When you arrive in Belgrade it will be difficult not to notice Moskva hotel. Beside its location in the very center of the city (Terazije Square), it’s also one of the most recognizable Belgrade landmarks.

It lies at the crossroad of three streets: Terazije, Prizrenska, and Balkanska. It’s only 5 minutes walk to Knez Mihajlova shopping promenade and to National Museum of Serbia at Republic Square.

It’s one of the most important architectural gems of the Serbian capital, built in the style of Russian Art Nouveau. 

Above all, locals consider it the monument of Serbian and Belgrade  culture. As a result of its importance, since 1968 it enjoys the State protection.

Hotel Moskva History

Hotel has a long and fascinating history. The first traces of the hotel appeared in 1890, when local merchant Boško Tadić, bought the empty plot of land at Terazije plateau.

Not long after, after Tadić’s death, his wife Stana sold the property to wealthy restaurants owners, Marjanović brothers, Bogosav and Miloš.  

Old Hotel MoskvaThanks to, its location on the plateau lined with large chestnut trees that provided nice shade over a small open market, they  decided to open the small inn (kafana). 

It was named – Velika Srbija(Great Serbia).

Soon, the tavern became a popular meeting place. Its guests were popular and famous Serbian writer. such as Branislav Nusic and Stevan Sremac.

Until 1905 this place changed several owners, when Roman Ivanovich of the Rossiya insurance company, decided to acquire this property. In March 1905 began the construction of the Rossiya Palace.

Hotel Moskva Today

Even today, the Moscow Hotel is one of the most impressive buildings in Belgrade. After the  4 years of renovation, the works completed in 2013. Today, it shines again with full splendor. 

In spite of all changes, it still keeps the spirit and elegance of old Belgrade. In addition to luxury rooms and suites, hotel offers mythical cafeteria and the Tchaikovsky restaurant.

Although this hotel rates 4 stars, equipped with  a modern SPA center, it’s unexpectedly affordable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you find a standard double room starting from 7o € per room/per night. Not bad, is it?

However, it’s almost always sold out, so if you trust my recommendation, check much earlier if there is a room available.

If you didn't know

In honor of this beautiful old Belgrade hotel, here are some lesser known facts:

  • I’ve already mentioned that hotelfirst name  was Rossiya Palace (Russian palace).
  • Rossiya Palace with Moskva Inn was inaugurated by King Peter I Karadjordjevic, in 14 January 1908.
  • Hotel Moskva does not have any room whose number ends at 13 (113, 213, 313).

  • During the Nazi occupation, Gestapo moved into Hotel Moskva, transforming it into its headquarters. They even changed its name to Srbija. 
Hotel Moskva called Srbija

Why Nazi, changed its name. There were rumors, they were irritated by local jokes that hotel Moskva – was only Moscow they managed to occupy.

Moscow Shnit

This hotel has all what you need for a pleasant lodging but there is something you shouldn’t miss to sweeten your stay in Belgrade city. 

In 1974 hotel opened the pastry shop and cafe bar. They presented a special kind of cake. A snit cake was just one of many recipes created that year, but it was this cake that became World famous within just months.

Moskva Shnit Cake

Since then 300 people daily order Moscow Shnit cake . The pastry shop makes 20 tons of Moscow Shnit cake a year. Can you believe that all those cakes are hand-made with the pure love and passion for hospitality?

This cake is a symbol of Belgrade and many famous people enjoyed  it, among them, Indira Gandhi, Robert de Niro, Luccano Pavarotti and many, many more. Now it’s your turn!

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