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Belgrade By Bike To Experience The City

Discover Belgrade by bike

Belgrade by bike through New Belgrade and Zemun is definitely the best outdoor activity in Belgrade. When it comes to cycling trails in Belgrade, the areas along  Sava and Danube rivers are perfect for this.

Belgrade is located in the plane area with a lot of possibilities to move around by bike. It has about 85 kilometers of cycle paths. 

Some of them are more advisable and more suggestive.  On the other hand, the trails that pass  through congested motor traffic, is better to stay away from.

The best time to explore Belgrade by bike is summer period (July and August). Therefore, if you happen to be Belgrade in that season, here are a few  recommended cycle paths in Belgrade. 

Zemun and New Belgrade by bike

The one I’m cycling very often is from Zemun, near Hotel Jugoslavija to Usce (confluence of two rivers) in New Belgrade.

 It is only two kilometers long at a slow pace. It may seem to short but with good base and 3,5 meters width, is the best one in Belgrade.

The other one, probably the oldest cycling trail stretches from Zemun under Branko Bridge all the way to Gazela (another bridge), following the banks of the Danube and Sava. 

Today this trail is connected to other bike lanes throughout New Belgrade. Using the bicycle elevator at  Branko Bridge, you can keep cycling along the track from Dorcol to Ada.

Here you can see this New Belgrade bike path, with interesting images gallery and bikers’ reviews.

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Ada Ciganlija on a bike

Ada Ciganlija is an island in Belgrade that everyone just calls Ada. As a result, there are two lakes, the larger one being used for swimming and water sports. It’s popularly called ‘Belgrade sea’.

There are many sports facilities at Ada, but the most interesting is the bike trail that runs around the lake. For many people, it is the most beautiful track in Belgrade.

The trail that runs from Dorcol to the Ada is well known to all cyclists living in the old part of Belgrade. Today, even cyclists from New Belgrade (left bank of Sava river) can reach the right Sava bank (Old Belgrade).

Belgrade Bike Trails map around Sava and Danube rivers

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