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CarGo A Different Way of Moving Around

Cargo App all you need to move around

I found a CarGo app on the internet, something like Uber, so I decided to give it a try. It all started a month ago when I planned to visit Belgrade.

I know the plane to Belgrade will arrive very late in the evening. I was worried about two things. First, I didn’t have Serbian local currency (Dinars) and I had to find a taxi.

Therefore, to avoid these problems I decided to try a different form of transportation from the airport to me hotel.

The day before the flight, I filled out the form for transportation from the airport to the accommodation. I found the form is on their website. After a few minutes, I received an email from the CarGo team confirming the driver’s number , name, and the exact time the driver would be waiting for me at the airport.

The best thing is that I knew in advance how much the ride would cost me. And what’s more important, I didn’t need to have any cash in advance.

What is CarGo?

CarGo is an application that connects the client to the drivers who provide the transportation services. CarGo lets you absolutely forget all that has bothered you about taxi transportation so far.

No calls, spending credit, dispatchers, endless waiting, boring music, and refusing to drive because of the short distance. There are no unkind drivers, old and uncomfortable vehicles and unrealistically high prices.

The best part of GarGo is that it  lets you order a vehicle with one click and leave the vehicle without paying cash and waiting for a draw.

This is way, the price of this service is the best part. CarGo is a domestic start-up company that makes every effort to offer quality and safe service, but at great prices. 

Unlike taxi services, CarGo lets you know how much your ride will cost before you get in the car and go to your desired location!

All you have to do is enter the location and go to the Fare estimate or Fare estimate option, which will show you a suggested guide price for a given driving distance. Also, there is no difference in day and night rates.

How is CarGo used?

Nothing simpler. All you have to do is install the app for free from Google play and the App store. All you need to do is create your profile and choose one of the payment options – credit card or PayPal and some other options.

The system will then automatically find the address you are currently at. You need to type in the location you are going to and press the “Order vehicle” or “Request car” option and the system will send the closest vehicle to your address.

After a wonderful experience in CarGo, I decided to use only this application during my stay in Belgrade. I didn't worry about the ride being charged more than the real price, because before each ride I could check how much it would cost me.


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