Best Hotels In Belgrade

Sava river port in Belgrade

Where to stay in Belgrade? What are the best hotels in Belgrade  and how much do they cost? Maybe, you aren’t familiar with which neighborhood fits  your needs?

I know Belgrade very well and finding a place to sleep in Belgrade has never been a big problem. In spite of the fact that Belgrade covers a large area, you have only two options.

Basically, it’s divided  in two main sections. River Sava divides city in more touristic part on the right riverside and more residential part on the left side of the river.

Belgrade city map

Fortunately for all who visit Belgrade, it’s a  quite easy to get around with a extensive public transportation network and reasonably priced. Recently, Belgrade has CarGo service, something like Uber. Use it  to avoid scam taxi drivers

Before you decide on type of accommodation, we all need to know  – how much does it cost? But, don’t worry, I assure you Belgrade is one of the cheapest cities in Eastern Europe!

Here are my top suggestions that concern Belgrade accommodation prices. Commonly , there are three price ranges.

  • Generally, under budget or low-range enters  hostels where beds go for around 10 €/$ in dormitories per night and singles/doubles for around 30 €/$.
  • Mid-range services include stars  hotels that range from 50 to 60 €/$ per night
  • Price range for  four stars hotels is from 70 to 140 €/$ per night.         
  • For luxury you have to pay over 200 €/$ per night.
  • Prices for tourist apartment rental range from 30 to 50 €/$ per night.

What are the best hotels in Belgrade by location?

Most of the visitors coming for the first time in Belgrade, will opt for Old Belgrade. This is the heart of Belgrade situated on the right bank of Sava river. Undoubtedly,  it’s the most popular area for all types of residence.

Below you’ll find the list of Belgrade’s neighborhoods I highly recommend, with more details about their residence amenities. 

The priority will be Stari Grad (Old Town), Dorcol, Savamala and Vracar neighborhoods on the right bank of Sava river and Novi Beograd and Zemun, on the left riverside.

The Best Belgrade Hotels in Stari Grad

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In all probability, this central Belgrade area if it won’t be unique but certainly the area where you will spend most of your time. It’s is really the heart of the city.

You are practically within a short walk of most important Belgrade highlights. Kalemegdan park, Belgrade fortress, Knez Mihajlova promenade street, Republic Square, Skadarlija bohemian street, are just few very touristy points of interest. Check Stari Grad landmarks accommodation offers!

Republic Square
Republic Square - the city core

Stari Grad (Old Town) municipality has the largest number of lodging facilities. You can choose from luxury hotels, tourist apartments and low budget hostels.

Best Location to stay

Before you book accommodation in Stari Grad area, don’t miss to check the exact hotel location. Sometimes even if hotel looks great, it could happen to be located in a very busy and noisy street.  The best way to avoid this  problem is to check hotel location map.

Don’t miss out to read accommodation property reviews. Sometimes this reviews will help to know more about this property. For instance, additional info about food, Wi-Fi problems or issue of cleanliness will be very important.

In order to find what others say about where is the most popular area to spend a night or two in Stari Grad. Here’s what Stephanie and Allison recommend.

[expand title=”Hotels in Stari Grad – Under €/$ 50 per night” trigclass=”highlight”]Balkan Soul Hostel! 

One of the most popular hostels in Belgrade.It has a social atmosphere and friendly staff who can make your stay in Belgrade even more charming.


[expand title=”4-star hotel in Stari Grad – From 50 to 100 €/$ per night” trigclass=”highlight”]Four-star Zepter Hotel!

It has all the amenities for  a 4-star hotel, like a gym room, in-room coffee machine, and a fantastic daily breakfast.


[expand title=”Luxury hotel in Stari Grad – For average 100 €/$ per night” trigclass=”highlight”]Moskva hotel luxury option!

This is the classic luxury option in Belgrade. It’s amazingly inexpensive for its level!


Moskva - best hotel in Belgrade

Accommodation near Old Town highlights

If you aren’t sure what decision to make on where to lodge in Belgrade, here’re some suggestions. For this purpose, opt for accommodation facilities near some crucial places of interest.

Stari Grad map

Knez Mihailova street is one of them. It’s a main pedestrian zone in Belgrade. If you decide to settle here, you will be in the center of all happenings in town.

Most hotels are located around Obilićev Venac street considered one of the favorite hang out places of the Belgrade youth. 

Best hotels in Belgrade Old Town

Below is the list of 10 best lodging properties in Stari Grad (Old Town) municipality. All hotels belong to 4-star hotel category. The prices range from 40 to 80 €/$ per night.   

Modern luxury

Best luxury hotel in Stari Grad

Square Nine is the personification of modern Belgrade. The concept of the hotel was born from the owner’s desire to be part of Belgrade’s renovation. The interior design applies materials such as stone, bronze mirrors creating a very cozy ambient and the most elegant atmosphere. Certainly one of the best places to stay in Belgrade if you’re looking for urban chic! Above all, hotel offers the best Spa and Wellness center

Modern chic

Townhouse Best hotels in Belgrade

Townhouse 27 is a stylish modern hotel in the heart of Belgrade. Offers elegant rooms, an distinctive restaurant and in a primary location. All important city sights are on the  walking distance.  The comfy and clean rooms and good variety of breakfast choices . It is ideal for a weekend in the city.

Envoy Hotel best choice a weekend in the city

Envoy Hotel  – 4 star hotel with restaurant, near Republic Square. Combining a chic artistic with an desirable location on Cika Ljubina Street,  is an exceptional choice for a city break. This comfortable hotel features  stylish suites and a splendid restaurant. Extremely helpful staff will do everything  to make your stay enjoyable and perfect.

Stari Grad Privet apartments rentals

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