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Port of Belgrade river tours

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Belgrade river tours are a great alternative to traditional tourist tours. Set at the confluence of two big rivers, Belgrade has become a top cruise destination.

Belgrade rivers, Sava and Danube, have a very important place in city life. Consequently, there are times of the year when city life moves entirely to the banks of the rivers.

However, rivers give a possibility to see Serbia and Belgrade from a different perspective. Cruising the rivers, is an interesting way to get acquainted with the city across the rivers.

Local Belgrade River tours

I assure you that visiting Belgrade from the rivers has a completely different feeling. To see the old part of the city from a river creates the whole new perspective.

Belgrade river tours by boat

During your stay in Belgrade there are many river tours designed to give you the best feeling and to enrich your experience.

The most of tours start from Sava river port. The port is located on the right side of Savar river bank, next to Beton Hala (Concrete Hall). 

Sightseeing cruise is one of the most delightful ways to see  Belgrade. Enjoy a comfortable trip on Danube and Sava rivers and discover most important  attractions:

  • Kalemegdan Fortress, Nebojsa Tower, confluence of two rivers, Pancevo bridge, Zemun, Great War Island.
  • Belgrade Waterfront, ‘Splavs‘ – floating restaurants and bars on the river, Gazela bridge, Old Railway bridge, New Railway bridge, Belgrade Fair, Ada bridge.  

Besides regular river sightseeing tour some private companies organizes different courses on both rivers. I suggest ‘Brodic Rodic’ which has different designed tours.

Another company ‘Yachting Club Key’ with its five passenger boats, provides very comfortable and safe cruise.

The Yachting Club ‘Kej’ is located on one of the most beautiful places on the New Belgrade coast of the Danube.It’s near confluence of the Sava River in the Danube, near the Friendship Park. Find out all about Belgrade’s parks!

For visitors who prefer multiple activities, Danube and Sava rivers, offer kayaking tours around ‘War Island’ on Danube. 

Danube Belgrade River Tours

Danube is the mythical river of amazing beauty. Ten European countries lay on Danube banks.

Among them is Serbia, with its capital Belgrade, where this mighty river is joined by the local beauty, river Sava.

People say that you cannot describe the beauty of the Danube but you can experience it! The best way is to take a cruising tour from Belgrade.

All tours along the Danube start from Belgrade Sava river port. It’s located just below the Kalemegdan fortress.  There are one and three days cruising programs. 

The usual Danube cruising program consists of following itinerary:  Beograd SmederevoRamVeliko GradišteGolubacĐerdapska KlisuraDonji MilanovacTekija Kladovo

Things to see on this river tour:

Smederevo medieval fortified city

The Smederevo Fortress a medieval fortified city in Smederevo. Once it was temporary capital of Serbia in the Middle Ages. It was built between 1427 and 1430. Wikipedia sources

The Ram Fortress from 15th century

The Ram Fortress is a 15th century fort situated on a steep slope on the right bank of the Danube, in the village of Ram, municipality of Veliko Gradište, eastern Serbia. Wikipedia sources!

Golubac - medieval fortified town

The Golubac Fortress was a medieval fortified town on the south side of the Danube River, 4 km downstream from the town of Golubac, Serbia. Wikipedia sources.

Viminacium - Roman town

Viminacium, today Kostolac near Požarevac, where the Mlava river flows into the Danube. It’s  the most important Roman towns and military camp from the period from the 1st to the 6th century. Wikipedia sources!

A Roman memorial plaque (Tabula Traiana)

A Roman memorial plaque (Tabula Traiana), 4 metres wide and 1.75 metres high, commemorating the completion of Trajan’s military road.It’s located on the Serbian side facing Romania near Ogradina. Wikipedia sources!

Cruising the Iron Gate - The best-selling one day excursion

Drina Belgrade river tours

If you don’t know where in Drina river, here are some important details about this river. It’s 346 km long. It makes the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

It is the longest tributary of the Sava River and the longest karst river in the Dinaric Alps. According Wikipedia it belongs to the Danube river watershed.

Drina River has had an important role in history. Particularly in 1914, the Drina was the battlefield of bloody battles between the Serbian and Austro-Hungarian army. 

The largest influence the river has had in culture probably is the 1945 novel ‘Na Drini ćuprija’ (The Bridge on the Drina) by the Nobel winner, Ivo Andrić. 

It’s the book about the building of a bridge near Višegrad by the Ottomans in the 16th century. A great stone bridge built by a Grand Vezir dominates the setting of Ivo Andric novel.

Drina House

Delight in the best of Serbia’s pristine natural environment and see the ‘House on the Rock’. Experience the magic of Tara National Park and the spectacular Drina River Valley.

  • Take in panoramic views of Bajina Basta from the ‘Gate of Podrinje’
  • See the unusual House on the Rock attraction
  • Marvel at the centuries-old frescoes of the Raca Monastery
  • Discover the shortest river in Europe
  • Take stunning photos from the Banjska Rock viewpoint