Belgrade Parks And Open Spaces

There are about 65  Belgrade parks. All of them are public. Most of them are scattered throughout the city. It is true that at first sight Belgrade may seem quite a ‘grey’ city.

Particularly, this impression one can get, visiting large residential blocks of New Belgrade. But sooner or later, visitor will discover that Serbian capital has more parks and green areas than people can imagine.

In the meantime, let’s see where are they and how to discover them. Consequently, this guide will show you Belgrade deserves to be remembered for these verdant parks of lush greenery. If you love parks? You’ll fell in love in Belgrade!

City Belgrade lies on the confluence of two rivers, Sava and Danube. As a result, the city beyond the parks, offers enormous open spaces along the both river banks. 

One of the most known is Zemun Quay. The waterfront that  connects New Belgrade and Zemun Danube coasts. Locas love these spaces as the only way to survive hot summers in Belgrade.

Belgrade Parks Map

Kalemegdan Park and Fortress

This Big Daddy of parks in Belgrade is probably the only one you are going to visit. In particular, one day Belgrade visitors won’t miss this Belgrade’s trademark. Read this article  about this place.

Kalemegdan best of Belgrade parksKalemegdan is Belgrade’s most popular attraction. It’s a central park and ancient citadel. It lies on a hill overlooking the Sava and Danube confluence. It boasts of the gorgeous panoramic views. The fortress houses two museums, zoo and many landmarks and monuments. Above all, the park offers kilometers of paths and playgrounds for the kids.

Not many visitors know about Belgrade Zoo. Many will be surprised to find one in the city center. Actually you’ll find the Zoo inside medieval Belgrade Kalemegdan Fortress. Belgrade Zoo, called Garden of Good Hope, is one of the oldest in Europe, opened in 1936.
It houses more than two thousand native and wild animals with 270 species. There is also a special space called “Baby Zoo” for children with a souvenir shop and a restaurant.

Tašmajdan park

Tasmajdan Park with St.Mark churchTasmajdan park is the second largest park. It’s centrally located with many historical attractions.Its name derives from two Turkish words, Taš – stone and Majdan – mine. The most outstanding landmark in this park is the St. Mark church. After, St.Sava temple , it’s Belgrade’s second largest holy place. Just behind this gigantic church, there’s a tiny but lovely Russian Orthodox church.

Topčider park

Belgrade parks - Topcider forestTopčider is a part of the largest forested area in Belgrade. Usually, it’s called lungs of Belgrade, along with Košutnjak park. Built almost 200 years ago and therefore is the oldest one built outside of the city. There are several monuments and attractions at Topčider. In the first place, here you’ll find Milošev Konak (the palace of Prince Miloš Obrenović). His residence hosts today, the museum of the first Serbian uprising against Turkish occupation.

Botanical Garden Jevremovac

Jevremovac Botanical GardenThis is a special park in every sense. The only park where you can find certain plant species. If you are looking for the most beautiful garden, than go straight to Jevremovac garden immediately. The botanical garden was founded in 1874 at the suggestion of Josif Pancic, famous botanist. Besides the astonishing flora, there is Pancic`s herbarium inside the garden. It serves not only to pupils and students for education. Visitors will have a chance to see many species that cannot be found in nature anymore.

Karadjordje Park

Karadjordjev ParkKaradjordjev Park is the first public green park in Belgrade declared as a cultural property. It lies at plateau just behind the St.Sava Temple. It bears the name of Karadjordje, the leader of First Serbian Uprising against Turkish occupation. Walking through this peaceful green oasis, you’ll come across many memorials dedicated to war victims and one poet(French writer Lamartine). It’s worth mentioning monuments to 1700 volunteers from Yugoslavia during the Spanish Civil War and to the victims of the Nazi bombing in 1941.

Mount Avala

Avala with Mestrovic monument of Unknown Heroe

It lies only 17 kilometers southeast of downtown. It’s a true oasis for leisure travelers offering a nice day trip. The location of the Avala dominates the whole area. 

Even Romans built an important fort at the top of the mountain. Avala is a real paradise of a rich flora and fauna.

On the highest peak of the mountain visitors can visit the Monument to the Unknown Hero, created in 1938, the work of sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

Avala towerThe Avala Tower is a 205 meters  tall telecommunications tower located on Mount Avala. The original tower built in 1965, but destroyed on 29 April 1999, during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Only after 10 years a new tower has been reconstructed and officially opened on 21 April 2010. 

Read this Emily’s guide visiting the iconic Avala Tower from Belgrade using public transport includes directions, maps, and the top things to do in Avala.

belgrade Parks on the left side of the river

I have mentioned so far only the parks, gardens and forests on the right bank of Sava river. But this does not mean that on the left bank, there are no parks. On the contrary, there are many parks and open spaces in New Belgrad and Zemun district.

Whenever you cross one of many bridges over Sava River, you’ll find yourself in the most visited waterfront in Belgrade. It’s a riverside connecting New Belgrade and Zemun town.

Zemun quay

Zemun quay - Danube watersideZemun quay is the most visited waterfront in Belgrade. It extends in the length of 3 km all the way from Zemun to Usce park. It is great place for biking, skating, jogging or just taking a walk. It’s also a romantic place to go out for lunch or dinner in one of many traditional fish restaurants and cafes. For nightlife lovers it’s a place of large number of night clubs on the water. In summer period you can take a boat to Lido beach, located on the Big War island.

Zemun Lido and War island

The Great War island is a unique green space in front of Zemun town. It’s completely wild and abandoned. The only reachable  area is a sandy Lido beach. The name derives from its strategic position as Belgrade was defended and conquered from it. The best way to visit this island, is to take a summer kayak tour. 

Zemun Town Park

Zemun town parkUnlike most other parks in Belgrade, Zemun town park is pretty incorporated with the town. Inside this beautiful park there are a couple of elementary and high schools, two churches, a monastery, Zemun clinic center and Pinki sports hall. Zemun Park has been a green area for citizens for well over 130 years.

Park of Friendship

Park of FriendshipThis New Belgrade park is the youngest on the list, having only been completed in 1961. Being in proximity to the riverside, it’s very popular spot for relaxation.

Inside this park takes place a famous Belgrade Beer Fest. This year 2019 the festival took place from August 14th to 19th. Five days of full fun, tasting the best brands of domestic and foreign beers.

Usce Park

Usce ParkUsce (meaning confluence) is a wide waterfront in the vicinity of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. It’s Belgrade’s second park, larger than Kalemegdan. It is located on the New Belgrade side of the Sava river, nearby to Brankov bridge. You can get to this park walking from downtown Belgrade or walking all the way from Zemun quay. It is linked by cycling paths with Dorcol Danube quay, Zemun and the entire New Belgrade district. Several bus and tram lines stop nearby like trams 7, 9, 11, 13 and buses 15, 16, 17, 65, 84, 95.